I’m ready to let you in on a little secret we’ve been keeping.

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy redesigning Redleg Nation from the ground up. I’m very excited to announce that the new site will go live later this week.

This year will be the tenth season we have been covering the Reds at RN. In that time, the site has only been redesigned once, and certain things have become outdated and clunky about the current setup. If you participate in game threads, you know that we sometimes struggle with sluggish response times during heavy traffic, and occasionally the site even zonks out completely at the most inopportune moments.

Those days are behind us. I’m moving RN to a new, more stable host that can accommodate our ever-increasing number of visitors. More exciting, we are implementing a completely new design that we think you’ll love. I can’t wait to unveil Redleg Nation 2.0. I think you’re going to love it.

You’ll learn more about the new features as we roll everything out over the days leading up to Opening Day (and beyond). For now, there’s one thing I’ll need you to do. When the new site goes live, you will be required to re-register in order to comment. We are going to be importing much of the current site (in some form), but since we’re changing hosts, I’m unable to import your user names.

I hope you’ll agree that this is a small inconvenience. I can’t wait to see all of you at our new home later this week.