As a kid in the early 1980s, I’d get to see the Reds on local television maybe 10 times a year. Young Reds fans today have it a lot better — and not just because Votto/Phillips is more exciting than Driessen/Oester. 
This week, FOX Sports Ohio announced its 145-game Reds television schedule. As in past years, the network uses a tag-team approach to calling the games. They’ll use three play-by-play announcers: Thom Brennaman, Jim Kelch, and George Grande; and two color analysts: Chris Welsh and Jeff Brantley.
Grande remains retired (and delightful in proper doses). He’ll do a handful of games like he has since retiring after the 2009 season. Thom will miss a lot of weekends, as he’ll be doing 12 regular season games for the FOX mothership, plus NFL in September. But otherwise, there’s still no discernable pattern to who works when, where, and with whom. One thing that must be balanced is the radio broadcast, where Thom, Kelch, and Brantley work alongside Franchester M. Brennaman – who took several more vacations last year than in years past.
For the rest of the broadcast, it’s almost as complicated. Jeff Piecoro and Brian Giesenschlag will co-host the pre- and post-game versions of Reds Live. Giesenschlag does a nice job on the Blue Jackets’ studio show, and will be a welcome addition to the full-time Reds crew.Jim Day will now work all 145 games as sideline reporter – he didn’t work some road games in prior years. He’ll also do reporting for the pre- and post-game shows. After home games only, Piecoro and Day will trade spots — Piecoro will handle the on-field post-game interviews, and Day will head up to the concourse set to co-host the post-game version of Reds Live. More coverage from FOX Sports Ohio: 

  • Reds Weekly – Wednesdays at 6:00pm (premieres Wednesday, April 9th)
    • This 30-minute show, hosted by Piecoro, will feature recaps, previews, interviews, and highlights.
  • – Brings you news and analysis from J.G. Taylor Spink Award winner Hal McCoy and sports writer Kevin Goheen. Fans can also chat live with McCoy every Reds home game.

For more details about the shows, and a copy of the broadcast schedule, go here.

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