Turns out there is a bit of Reds’ news today, after all.

C. Trent Rosecrans is reporting that the Reds have contacted Dan Lozano, the agent for Carlos Beltran (and also for Joey Votto) and notified him of the Reds’ interest.

Beltran has played mostly right field in each of the last two seasons with the Cardinals, but would likely move to left for the Reds. A switch-hitter, he hit .296/.339/.491 for the Cardinals last season and is a career .283/.359/.496 hitter.

Rosecrans’ report is based on an article by Noel Piñero in Primera Hora, a Puerto Rican newspaper (Spanish).

Reports earlier today have linked Beltran with the Yankees, who have indicated the 36-year-old (37 in April) outfielder is their number one priority. It has also been reported that Beltran is looking for a three-year contract which may prove to be a deal breaker with the Yankees. Offering a third year might help a different team, possibly the Reds, sign Beltran.

Conventional wisdom has been that Beltran would sign with an American League club that could use him part-time as a designated hitter. Other AL teams, including the Royals, Mariners and Red Sox have expressed interest in Beltran.

Leaving aside the issue of center field, the Reds may view Beltran as a cheaper and shorter-term commitment than Shin-Soo Choo. And he does meet the seemingly most important criteria: former Cardinal.