Is there room for more than one BP in the Queen City? In the latest edition of the podcast, Joel Luckhaupt and I discuss the new manager — Bryan Price — and the possibly-outgoing second baseman — Brandon Phillips. What is shaping up to be a very interesting offseason has begun.

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Many thanks to Friend of the Nation — and huge Reds fan — Freekbass for the bumper music. The music is from this album; he’s a talented guy, and highly recommended.

4 Responses

  1. justcorbly

    No more ‘BP’ in headlines, eh?

    About trading *that* BP: Would seem to be difficult to pull off in a way that actually benefits the team, both in terms of the finances and in terms of improving on (not just replacing) his on-field contributions.

    These are professionals. If BP’s occasional antics impact anyone’s performance, then they’re just as irresponsible. Resolving issues like this is why we have managers and general managers.

  2. Mike

    I really like having Brandon Phillips on the Reds, and it seems like if there is going to be some kind of shift in the way the team works that he should be given the opportunity to be aligned with it just like all the other players will.

    Let’s not assume Phillips will never change. I am sure we have all done things in the past we regretted and given a second chance to change our attitude and behavior.

  3. redsfan11

    Best part of the winter RLN podcasts!

    Also has anyone before gone to the hotstove league at the Holy Grail?
    Is it worth a trip to the Nati?