Question: Paul Daugherty, Enquirer: Aside from the obvious day to day things that a manager does, filing out a line-up card, setting a starting rotation, where do you think a manager these days has the biggest impact and where do you see yourself beyond the obvious as having the biggest impact on this team?

Answer: Bryan Price: I mentioned unity before and it’s cultivation of relationships and cultivation of an organizational or team understanding of how we play. Style of play. What are we known for as an organization? Are we relentless? Are we the team that is down by three late in the game that consistently finds a way to rally? Are we a team that consistently knocks out the starting pitcher before he can complete five innings? Are we the type of team that puts pressure on the opponent the way we run the bases? Our defensive play. Do we attack the strike zone with our pitching? We’ve been pretty good at getting the lion’s share of our innings from our starting pitchers. Can we maintain that? I’m so happy Sam LeCure is here. He’s one of those selfless relief pitchers that we’ve had here for the last several years that take the ball whenever we give it to them and pitch their hearts out.

That’s what would make me happy and proud, is if we could cultivate a relationship and create an identity as a team that nobody wants to play us. That nobody wants to play us, for those reasons. If I could have some impact on that I couldn’t be happier. That would be my goal.

Response: Redleg Nation: Amen