It’s a special edition of the podcast! Joel Luckhaupt and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about yesterday’s firing of Reds manager Dusty Baker, why it happened, and whether it was the correct move. We also speculated about what happens next for our Cincinnati Reds. Bryan Price?

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5 Responses

  1. JerBear

    I think trying to keep Price as the pitching coach is more important than making him the manager! I don’t see him, Larkin or Riggleman really as true candidates. I could potentially see Girardi if he has been fired from the Yankees.

    I don’t think Baker was ever Jocketty’s guy and it seemed like there was always kind of a butting of heads between the two. I am glad for Jocketty that he finally gets to pick the guy he wants to manage this team.

    I think the big question soon after finding a manager is how much changing of the roster needs to occur? I feel like the Reds are locked in in almost all 8 everyday positions, but maybe they shouldn’t be. Their starting 8 and even rotation has proved over the last 3-4 years that they aren’t good enough to beat the best teams when it really counts.

  2. MikeC

    Like Chad, I had stopped participating in the discussions of Chapman moving to the rotation. I just felt it was worthless to continue talking about something which was not going to happen.

    With it being mentioned in the podcast, I remembered that during spring training Price said he had a plan that would allow Chapman to transition from the bullpen. After only throwing 63 innings this year, it would definitely take an arrangement to make the conversion while keeping him available to pitch until the end of the season. It’s getting my hopes up again that better usage of Chapman could be one of the primary changes for next year.

    Chapman’s role is not enough reason in itself to give the manager’s job to Price, but I sure hope the Reds keep Price for next year.

  3. icee82

    This is just total speculation but do you think the Reds will wait until a couple of weeks after the World Series? Here is my thinking. Here is this crazy scenario that I have in my mind. The Yankees have not dealt with Joe Girardi yet. Are they waiting until after the post season because they really want Don Mattingly to manage them? It makes sense as he is a life long Yankee. They could make him an offer that he cannot resist. Furthermore with all of the circus around A-Rod, does Girardi want another season of that? If that is the case, the Dodgers’ job opens up. Does Mike Scioscia get fired from the Angels? If so, he is a life long Dodger and I am sure that Tommy Lasorda is banging the drum on that. Does he take over the Dodger job? Girardi is still available. He would have four jobs available to him. The Angels are dysfunctional and he probably does not want to get involved with that. Girardi played with the Cubs so would he want to join Theo Epstein in his rebuilding program. Doubtful. That leaves Washington and us. Both teams are close to major post season laurels. However the situation in Washington is somewhat dysfunctional as well with the way they handled the Davey Johnson fiasco. Could the Reds land him? Mr. Castellini has always wanted a manager that has experience to lead the team. However with the way that Mike Matheny has handled the Cardinals, you seemingly do not need experience anymore. My personal wild card candidates are Lou Piniella and Ron Oester. As someone mentioned, why would Piniella who is 70 want to come out of retirement? If he could add another world championship to his resume, he would potentially be a Hall of Fame manager. Big incentive. Ron Oester could definitely do the job and he is definitely a hot head which this team needs. Who knows what will happen but it is certainly interesting to speculate!!!

  4. Redsfanx

    @CharlotteNCRedsFan: Baker was Castellini’s choice and now that’s over. Jocketty will choose the manager and I think it will be Tony LaRussa. He says he doesn’t want to manage again but he’s got baseball in his blood and LaRussa and Jocketty are friends. If they don’t get the Reds to, at least, the world series in the next few years, they’ll both be gone also.

  5. PeteRose_HOF_NOW

    ah, Marty is piling on….he’s the problem still I guess.