The Reds released their roster for tonight’s Wild Card play-in game.

No, none of these guys are on it. Pirates roster is here. Josh Harrison, Princeton High School grad and Cincinnati native made it. Joe West will be the home plate umpire. Here’s an article at FanGraphs discussing West’s strike zone. Burn this into your identity. Back goes Clemente, at the fence …

From the Reds: The Wild Card matchup between Johnny Cueto and Francisco Liriano is just the third in postseason history between two starting pitchers from the Dominican Republic. In both 1999 and 2004, Pedro Martinez faced off against Bartolo Colon.

In case you didn’t already know, the game takes place at PNC Park in Pittsburgh and starts at 8:07 p.m.

(To the person who asked, no, the Reds can’t leave Dusty Baker off today’s roster.)

No big surprises on the roster. Only two starting pitchers then loads of bullpen help on both sides. For the position players, it’s the basic roster players plus Derrick Robinson and Billy Hamilton. I thought there was a case for including a third starting pitcher over Ondrusek just because I can’t imagine a situation where Ondrusek should be in the game, but I can for a third starter.

Pitching:  Cueto (starter), Leake (backup starter), Hoover (R), LeCure (R), Simon (R), Ondrusek (R), Duke (L), Marshall (L), Parra (L), Chapman (closer)

Hitting: Starting eight, Mesoraco, Izturis, Heisey, Paul, Hannahan, Robinson, Hamilton