Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 6
Colorado 9

W: J. De La Rosa (15-6)
L: B. Arroyo (13-10)


–Bronson Arroyo was bad: 3.1 innings pitched, nine hits, six runs. The curve ball wasn’t curving at Coors Field tonight.

–Logan Ondrusek gave up three runs on four hits in 1+ inning.

–With a chance to cut their deficit in the NL Central to 2.5 games, the Redlegs laid yet another big fat egg. It’s the latest in a series of those.

–BP and Hanigan did have two hits and two RBI each. Ryan Ludwick homered. It didn’t matter, because Peyton Manning’s backup quarterback hit two three-run homers.

–I’ve watched a lot of Reds baseball over the years, and most of it has been bad baseball. This year’s team, in line for a playoff spot, has been one of the least-fun teams to watch in my life, if that makes any sense. I wish I could explain that, but this club is difficult to watch most nights.

–Game thread comment of the night, from Steve:

I wonder how this game would have turned out if Dusty Baker had been managing to win instead of preserving his bullpen for tomorrow. I would have liked to have seen that.

Source: FanGraphs