Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 6
Milwaukee 7

W: J. Axford (6-6)
L: A. Chapman (3-5)

–With the Reds on the verge of a win that would have lifted them to second place in the NL Central, Aroldis Chapman blew it, surrendering a walkoff homer to Jonathan Lucroy.


For the record, we love Aroldis. The fact that he gave up a homer tonight isn’t reason to think, all of a sudden, that he isn’t good. But there’s this myth that being a closer requires some magic fairy dust. It doesn’t. He’s not so dominant as a closer that it was imperative to keep him in that role.

One of these days, I’ll quit tilting at that particular windmill. I know that ship has sailed. (Are those metaphors sufficiently mixed?)

Milton is disappointed, even if he doesn't look like it. He thinks Chapman should be a starter.

A terrible showing tonight, Redlegs. Just awful. Milton is disappointed.