Let’s recap this afternoon’s titanic struggle….rntitanic-copy

Cincinnati 5
(NL) 0
W: B. Arroyo (11-9)
L: C. Rusin (2-2)


— The Reds finished their sweep of the Cubs, who had just taken two of three from the Cardinals. The team is now three games out of first place and one game behind St. Louis. The Reds are sixteen games over .500 for the first time this year. 9-1 in Wrigley GABP North in 2013.

Bronson Arroyo flat out toyed with the Cubs in a way you will rarely see in a professional baseball game. Seven shutout innings, giving up only two hits, seven strikeouts and no walks. Lifetime 8-1 record at Wrigley Field. Lowered his ERA to 3.35.

Super Todd Frazier broke his homer-free streak that stretched back to July 2. He also doubled for another RBI. Pretty soon he’ll be hitting too well to bat second in Dusty Baker’s lineup.

Zack Cozart had a single, double, an RBI and a run scored. Ryan Hanigan, had a double, walk and RBI. JoeyMVP doubled and knocked in a run.

Alfredo Simon and Jonathan Broxton pitched two dominant innings to complete the shutout. In total, Reds pitching allowed only three base runners.


— Reds leaving Chicago.

— Ryan Hanigan had a painful run in with a foul tip.


— The Reds have won seven of eight since the Cardinals series that ended their season.

— The team heads north for a four-game series in Miller Park. Milwaukee, you’re next.

— Jeff Brantley: “Bryan Price challenges the pitching staff at every turn. That’s why they continue to get better.” Perhaps he could talk to the hitters every once in a while. Bryan Price, über alles.

— So far the Reds haven’t needed Ryan Ludwick‘s offensive contribution, which is a good thing. Hopefully they can keep the pressure off while he works to get back. Ludwick still looks a long ways away.

Alfredo Simon has become a great asset in the Reds’ bullpen. On Walt Jocketty’s balance sheet as a GM, the acquisition of Simon, who was cut by the Orioles at the end of spring training in 2012, is a big plus. The scout who recognized Simon had the talent and the pitching coach who developed him, also deserve recognition.


msanmoore: Choo needs at least part of the day off anyway. And Mes caught nearly 2 games given his work last night and the beating he took on Monday. He’s certainly stepping up to be our “catcher of the future” and has made me forget about Grandal completely.

CI3J: (first inning) Wow, Bronson’s ball is dancing today. Hope he keeps that up, gonna be a lot of frustrated Cubbies.

Shchi Cossack: Culbreth is calling a very legitimate strike zone, possibly even a little extended, and the wind is blowing in a Wrigley. Bronson should be good to go today. A HR by Frazier and a BB by Heisey portends good things to come. If the Reds continue their dominance of the Cubbies today, you think the the Birds and Bucos will take a serious notice of that steamroller coming up quickly from behind?

ToddAlmighty: I think the encouragement part is the key. His (Chris Heisey) playing time entirely depends on a manager who wanted the team who was already the most aggressive first pitch team in MLB to be even more aggressive.

Mwv: Frazier/Cozart have a good game and we score 5 runs. If the guys not batting left handed show up, the Reds go.

Matt WI: I love the sound of a broom in the afternoon.