Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle….

Oakland 5
Cincinnati 6

W: H. Bailey (7-10)
L: B. Colon (14-4)
S: A. Chapman (27)

–The Reds swept this short series with the A’s. That certainly helps wash the taste of the Cardinals series out of our mouths, doesn’t it?

–Corky Miller had his first two hit game since forever. Unfortunately, he was lifted with injury after a collision at the plate.

–Joey Votto and Shin-soo Choo each reached base twice. Jay Bruce homered.

–The bullpen did a great job of holding it down after Homer lost it in a great big hurry.

–Have to put Homer here. He was solid, and then he wasn’t.

–Maybe I’m wrong, but I still believe the Reds have a real run left in them before the end of the season. Maybe this is it.

–The Reds have players in the top five in all the triple crown categories. Votto is 4th in average, Phillips and Bruce are 3-4 in RBIs, and Bruce is 4th in homers. It’s certainly possible that a Red could lead all of those categories.

–In other league-leading news, since he officially qualified last night, Votto is pretty much a lock to lead the league in OBP for the fourth time in a row this year. The only other players to do that are Bonds, Boggs, Williams, and Hornsby. Another reason those griping about Votto’s RBI total are just silly.

–One more Votto fact: Votto is on pace to reach base 317 times this year. Phillips is on pace to reach base 203 times. Just sayin’. There are like two whole Willy Taveras seasons between them.

–The next ten games for the Reds are against clubs that, well, pretty much stink. What say they win all 10 and make it interesting?


Source: FanGraphs