Two Stats. OPS+ and ERA-. Basically, they use basic stats to say how far away from average a players offensive production has been.

100 is average. A 110 OPS+ means ten percent better than average. A 90 ERA- means an ERA ten percent lower than league average.

OPS Plus for the most frequent contributor by position:

C: 97
1B: 154
2B: 94
SS: 74
3B: 103
LF: 97 (Paul)
CF: 144
RF: 120

ERA- for the six most frequent starters in order of IP:


With the exception of shortstop, where the Reds get excellent defense, the Reds are average or above average pretty much everywhere. That’s how you win games, kids.

Also, I think it’s time to keep Devin as a the primary starter at catcher, don’t you?