Break out the brooms, mops, vaccuum cleaners, or whatever you want.  The Reds are playing day baseball today with a chance to complete the 3 game sweep of the Mets.  The good guys will send THEIR undefeated ace in Mat Latos to the hill to face the Mets undefeated ace, Matt Harvey.  Harvey has not exactly pitched against top notch competition this year and the Reds will be the toughest opponent he has faced to date.  With all the chips on the table today, I’ll take my chances with Latos and the Reds.

It’s another matinee matchup, so as usual, tell your boss to shove it cause we have ourselves an old fashioned pitcher’s duel to watch.  Of course it will only be a pitcher’s duel if Harvey can figure out how to get Choo, Votto, Bruce, and Phillips out.  Something few pitchers have been able to do of late.

Skip work and cheer on the Reds to GO!

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  1. concepcion13

    Positive: Mes is in the lineup again today, even though he caught last night – thus breaking a Dusty Rule.

    Negative: Despite it looking like he’s heating up, Frazier sits today (Oh, and Cozart hitting in the 2 hole again, but that’s written in stone in the Book Of Dusty).

    Oh well, go Reds!

  2. redeyler

    Semi off topic. But does anyone have any idea the last time the Reds and Pirates have both been above .600? Has to be a lonnnnnnng time ago.

  3. bearcats2004

    So glad Dusty won’t let the heating up SuperTodd continue to get back on track . . .

    Choo 8
    Cozart 6
    Votto 3
    Phillips 4
    Bruce 9
    Paul 7
    Hannahan 5
    Mesoraco 2
    Latos 1

  4. HOF-13

    When lineups were posted, the first thing I looked at was to see who was catching. I was about to give Dusty kudos for playing Mesoraco … until I noticed Hannahan was at 3rd base. I need an ibuprofen. Dusty gives me a headache.

  5. concepcion13

    I’d like to see the Paul/Lutz/Robinson combo bat 2nd. (Of course they’d all have to learn how to play shortstop first):


    Or try Frazier in the 2-hole. C’mon Dusty, it’s not rocket science. At least not for most managers:

    When Robinson plays, move him to 7th (so when he gets on, Cozart can bunt) & move up Mesoraco.

    Bottom line is that are many lineup possibilities, but Mr. I-Played-With-Aaron can’t see past his default setting of SS bats 2nd.

    • Hank Aarons Teammate

      @concepcion13: Lutz is likely, in my opinion, to have an OBP south of .250. So maybe Dusty will indeed move him to the #2 slot.

  6. RedsAk19

    I’m glad Dusty gave Todd the day off facing a very tough righty. Putting him in the lineup today could put him right back into a slump.

    • LWBlogger

      @RedsAk19: I agree with you on this. Frazier had a nice day yesterday against a LHP who he should hit fairly well. Harvey has a nasty breaking-ball and having another LH hitter in the lineup can neutralize that somewhat. During his slump, Frazier has really, really struggled with decent breaking-pitches.

      Dusty is hitting Cozart 2nd because he doesn’t like fussing with the lineup much. He likes guys to know what they are going to be doing every day. The only way Cozart stops hitting 2nd is if the team’s offense goes into extended slumber and Dusty feels the lineup needs a shakeup. No, it isn’t an optimum lineup from a statistical point of view but a lot of managers handle lineups the exact same way Dusty is right now.

      • Hank Aarons Teammate

        @LWBlogger: I honestly don’t even believe that giving a hot hitting player one day off makes any difference the following day.

  7. Larry1980

    I really think that Cozart either is paying Dusty off, or he has pictures, otherwise why does he hit 2nd? Why cant Xaiver Paul hit 2nd. any news on Ludwick?

    • Matt WI

      @Larry1980: It’s the lefty thing: Choo, Paul, Votto all hit lefty. Which wouldn’t be terrible against a tough righty starter today, but that’s not Dusty’s style.

      • bohdi

        @Matt WI:

        Not to mention XP is part of a platoon and heaven forbid the lineup be adjusted by who is playing that day. Frazier batting 2 makes the most sense (bats R and is an eveyday player). Dusty won’t bat him 2 though because he’s an RBI guy with power who needs to be in the middle of the lineup. You know, because RBIs and getting on base are too different things…

      • Matt WI

        @bohdi: No doubt. Regardless, I’m not going to stress about it. I hope Hannahan and Cozart knock Harvey senseless.

    • RedsAk19

      @Larry1980: cozart is batting second and will continue batting second because the Reds have one of the best run differentials with him batting second. Why would dusty change it now when it is working?

      • MarvinBakerDustyLewis

        @Hank Aarons Teammate: Hope so! Otherwise, why on earth did we ever pick up Choo? We won 97 games with Stubbs last year – why change things? (And to prevent further confusion, yes – this is sarcasm!)

  8. earl

    Got to wonder if Hanigan having the day off tied to that painful looking foul ball to the foot late in the game a couple days ago.

    • LWBlogger

      @earl: It’s possible but I think it’s more likely that we’re going to see Mes catching Latos and Leake each time through the rotation.

      • earl

        @LWBlogger: It did work really well a couple years ago when they split Hernandez and Hanigan keeping them both pretty fresh.

  9. prjeter

    Has anyone seen or heard any of the Reds or Cincinnati media (TV or radio) talk about the atrocity of batting your worst hitter 2nd in the lineup? I almost think the Reds have silenced the local broadcast media. I’ve only heard a few ESPN and MLB Network guys even mention it.

    • zab1983

      @prjeter: everyone in cincy talks about it. it’s a running joke on sports talk radio here

      • prjeter


        Makes sense. I only have access to the Marty feed through here in Colorado.

  10. Shchi Cossack

    The lineup is stoked with LH hitters today against the toughest RHP the Mets can field. That’s a good thing, leaving Frazier available as a RH pinch hitter for a high leverage situation with the Big Lutz available as a LH pinch hitter for a high leverage situation. Let’s just hope that Dusty doesn’t start making this a habit.

    The argument against 3 LH hitters (Choo, XP & Votto) being grouped together holds absolutely no water since 3 LH hitters (Bruce, XP & Hanahan) are grouped together.

    The argument that Cozart should continue to hit in the #2 hole because that lineup is working is ludicrous. The lineup is working because the strength of Choo, Votto, BP & Bruce overcomes the complete deficiency of Cozart hitting in the #2 hole. Cozart make no positive contribution to the lineup from the #2 hole and only serves as a black hole in the middle of the most prodective portion of the lineup.

    Let’s see the Reds get to Harvey early and often this afternoon. Maybe Latos would like an AB in the first inning, eh?

    • Hank Aarons Teammate

      @Shchi Cossack: The most ironic part is that if Dusty’s worried a lefty might come in for 3 lefties in a row…this is Harvey pitching! I’d be thrilled if anyone in that Mets bullpen comes in, whether it’s lefty vs lefty or not.

    • Matt WI

      The argument that Cozart should continue to hit in the #2 hole because that lineup is working is ludicrous.

      Thank you, wise Cossack. I’ve grown ever so weary of that objecting to that (il)logic.

      • MarvinBakerDustyLewis

        @Matt WI: I must say I hear more objections to the situation this year than last year, when we had the NL’s 2 worst OBP guys batting 1 and 2! Maybe it’s because the Cards are in first, but it’s worn me down, as well…If we win 100 games, but only do it by beating up on the weaklings, it will be a short postseason again.

  11. CincyGuy

    Though Cozart in the 2 persists and gives me headaches, Mesoraco starting back to back days is very encouraging. Hopefully he’s catching 40% of the time (would prefer 60%) from now on.

    Hard to keep Mes out of the lineup with his game yesterday, but I still fully expected him on the bench today.

    As for Hannahan over Frazier, not much to complain about there. That’s very defensible with Harvey on the mound.

  12. HOF-13

    I’m ready for the game to start. I’m used to 12:35 afternoon starts.

  13. Summer Breeze

    I saw this cool article on the Reds. Kind of stole the 1979 Pirates theme of We Are Family. It is mostly on how a majority of the Reds came up thru their farm system and how that creates the chemistry today for the big league team.

  14. rightsaidred


    Which of these doesn’t belong?

  15. LWBlogger

    If Gamecast is correct, Latos’ velocity is down.

  16. rightsaidred

    ouch, fast and rough start for Latos

  17. al

    I have no problem with Mesoraco catching today. I’ll say that first.

    But I am a little surprised with how ra-ra this board is for him. When it was Mes vs Corky, absolutely, he should have started every game he physically could. But Hannigan is just better than him.

    Hannigan was injured at the start of the year. People who are down on him don’t want to remember that, but it’s true. In May, after returning from his injury, Hannigan has hit: .292/.393/.417 and his career line is .269/.364/.352.

    In May, Mesoraco has hit .219/.278/.469 and his career line is .212/.290/.360.

    I’m not giving up on Mesoraco, and like I said, I have no problem with him starting. But I think there are way better reasons to bash Dusty than his use of Hannigan.

    • rightsaidred

      @al: Hanigan was being used at an 80% clip. It’s as much about his durability as Mes’ ability. Wear down Hanigan and we are back to square one.

      • al

        @rightsaidred: 80% is the norm for starting catchers. I know people say that Hannigan will wear down, but is there evidence of that, or is that just a Dustyism?

      • rightsaidred

        @al: I would think the fact Hanigan never started more than 91 games at catcher then starts over 110 last year at 32/33 is reason enough to make sure his starts are controlled.

      • al

        @rightsaidred: I have no problem with Mesoraco getting his fair share of starts, but I also think that Hanigan will be just fine if he gets a starting catcher workload.

        Another way to look at the argument is that because Hanigan has never been a starting catcher really,(like you said, never started more than 91 games before) he has a lot less mileage than the normal catcher does at 32. So he’s actually probably less likely to wear down than a catcher that’s started for his whole career.

        There are 6 catchers in baseball with 40 or more games already. Hanigan is at 20 because of the injury.

      • rightsaidred

        @al: That is true but see my statement below. Mes needs to develop and to do that he needs to play. 60/40 is the logical split and 50/50 would be better for the Reds in the long run and now since there is no real difference offensively or defensively this year.

    • Shchi Cossack


      Hannigan was injured at the start of the year. People who are down on him don’t want to remember that, but it’s true.

      But I think there are way better reasons to bash Dusty than his use of Hannigan.

      Yeah, that’s a point I haven’t seen discussed on this blog or anywhere else…Hanigan was hurt. Hanigan couldn’t swing a bat effectively and certainly couldn’t hit effectively. Dusty knew he was hurt. Everyone knew he was hurt. Count on Dusty to keep sending out an injured player who couldn’t play effectively until that player gets injured even more, probably as a direct result of the prvious injury, that was the criticism. Dusty’s gross irresponsibility is the criticism.

      • al

        @Shchi Cossack: I’m fine with that if that’s what people think. I don’t know anything about how Hanigan’s injury was handled so I really don’t know.

        I was talking about people bashing Baker for not playing Mesoraco enough. I like the kid too, and I hope he gets better. But right now, I think Hanigan is just a better player.

        I don’t freak out when I see either catcher in the lineup (not like I did when Baker was starting Corky), but if I had my pick, I’d rather see Hannigan.

      • Shchi Cossack

        @al: Ditto, Hanigans blue collar approach to the game plays very well with me and Meso’s firey attitude also plays very well with me. Personally, I would like to see a equal split of playing time with Hanigan always catching Arroyo, Meso always catching Leake and Latos and Bailey alternating catchers, but a 60/40 split is OK right now. Both catchers are skilled and highly competative. The Reds are fortunate to have such a capable, skillied veteran catcher and such a capable, skilled young catcher.

      • rightsaidred

        @al: I like them both to but Mes is the Reds future and Hanigan is present.

        Mes isn’t 25 yet and he looks better at the plate this year than he ever did last year. He needs experience – he got very little last year and needs to catch a larger percentage of games this season to develop.

    • CP

      @al: I think most people feel it’s some combination of the following:

      1) Hanigan isn’t good enough to get 80% of starts. I’m not saying he isn’t “good”, but he’s never played that many games at any level, so I don’t know why he’d start when he’s 32 years old.

      2) Mesoraco has performed better than his numbers indicate, and he has the potential to be very, very good.

      I think it’s okay that you’re cherry picking Mes’ stats since he doesn’t really have much to work with, but the fact remains that Dusty has made Mes’ time with the MLB club extremely difficult. Mes has shown enough flashes that he deserves more playing time, it’s as simple as that.

      He may not hit for as a high as average as Hanigan, but he has similar on base skills, and will hit for more power. Heck, he has 7 extra base hits already this season, Hanigan has only hit 16 in both 2011 and 2012. The Reds have struggled to find a right handed power bat-Mesoraco could be that guy.

      Again, I think Hanigan probably should get the majority of the starts, but the Reds should make a conscious effort to put Mesoraco in a position to succeed. It seems they’ve been erring the opposite direction for the past 1.5 seasons…

  18. Kyle Farmer

    Not the start I was expecting! Going to have to have a come-from-behind “Go” today for the Redlegs!

  19. rightsaidred

    I hope he can limit the damage to 1!

  20. Kyle Farmer

    Heckuva a job by Latos there to get out of the inning with only one run!

  21. al

    Great bounceback by Latos and the defense to keep it at one run. Sadly, that may be all the Mets need today.

  22. LWBlogger

    Looks like Latos just wasn’t quite warm yet. Velocity more where we’d expect.

  23. Sergeant2

    There’s a good article on on Matt Harvey and the Mets. It mostly gives a good insight on whats going on with the Mets. Pretty good read. (sorry, don’t have the skillz to post the link) C’mon Latos hang tough. Go Reds!

  24. rightsaidred

    Consecutive no out doubles with Wright ‘leading off’ and only one run. That could have been much worse

  25. steveschoen

    I just don’t understand Bakerman. One step forward, one step backward/doesn’t make sense. Devin starts 2 days in a row; good move. It’s not like he’s going to get tired out sitting so often. But, then, I thought Bakerman hates lefties hitting together. We can throw that out the window now. Bakerman’s reason? There’s a righty on the mound. But, then, Bakerman’s research would show that Harvey is pitching better against lefties than righties.

    Cozart should step out of the 2 hole, but he won’t. Baker won’t allow it. It has nothing to do with fooling with the lineup; Bakerman just fooled with the 6 and 7 guys today. Bakerman’s reason, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. He seems to never consider in cases like this, “How can we make it better?” It’s just like last year. Baker won’t do anything unless Choo and/or BP go on an extended slump. Then, he may consider moving those. He won’t move Votto.

  26. rightsaidred

    This could be a long day for the Reds – this kid has some stuff!

    • Kyle Farmer

      @rightsaidred: Going to have to make him work and get that pitch count up. We’ll make hay against their pen today!

  27. al

    Harvey looks really good. Having a starting pitcher throwing 98 sure looks fun.

  28. Matt WI

    Nice patience by Mes, but nice move by Harvey not to get cute with Latos on the mound. Make ’em pay Mat!

  29. rightsaidred

    Gameday shows the ump has a small strike zone today?

    • Shchi Cossack

      @rightsaidred: Good thing that the Reds have Latos on the mound today rather than Arroyo or Leake. Lato is more capable of working effectively in a squeezed strike zone and the home plate umpire is certainly squeezing the strike zone. Patient hitting is the key to knocking Harvey off the mound today.

  30. Kyle Farmer

    Second time through the order – time to show this kid that not every team is the Cubs!

  31. al

    Who thought it would be Cozart that got to Harvey? Not me, that’s for sure.

  32. Kyle Farmer

    This lineup will be flat out scary if Cozy turns things around!

  33. rightsaidred

    Coz is playing for the cycle – ascending version!

  34. Hank Aarons Teammate

    Ron Darling: “Votto is hitting much better on the road. It could be because he’s enticed by GABP to try to hit homers.”

    Good lord. Does this guy watch Votto? Ever?

  35. earmbrister

    Good advice on skipping work. At my third game in 3 days: I know that because my wife has reminded me a few times …

  36. Matt WI


  37. al

    Now THAT(!) is the Votto we’ve been looking for!

  38. rightsaidred

    Giving Votto the green light is never a bad call!

  39. Matt WI

    3-0 pitch and swinging on Harvey… awesome.

    • earmbrister

      3-0 pitch and swinging on Harvey… awesome.

      @Matt WI: good point

  40. Sergeant2

    Vottomatic!!!!! HR Reds take the lead 2-1

  41. Shchi Cossack

    MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP … MVP …

  42. ToddAlmighty

    That Votto kid might just be a keeper.

  43. dc937

    Listening to the radio feed and following Gameday (which is about 5 seconds delayed from radio for me). Couldn’t stop laughing as a saw the 4-seamer come right down Broadway. That had to have stayed up on Harvey, there’s no way anyone on the planet gives Votto that pitch with a runner on 2nd and 1st base open.

    • al

      @dc937: It was 3 – 0, and very few players swing on that count anymore. It’s sort of just become ritual to take a strike there, which has never made sense to me. Glad to see Votto make them pay.

      • Hank Aarons Teammate

        @al: When a guy never swings on 3-0, you throw it down Broadway.

        I hate swinging 3-0, but with Votto against a pitcher like that with the base open, I’m in favor of it.

      • al

        @Hank Aarons Teammate: My feeling is that for good hitters, there should never be a take sign. Sure, for the Cozarts and pitchers of the world, tell them to take one on a 3-0 count.

        But everyone talks about 3-1 being a great hitters count, and to me, it seems like 3-0 is much better. The hitter has to be disciplined and only swing at a meatball, which is why only good hitters should have the green light, but so often you do get a meatball.

  44. Hank Aarons Teammate

    When is the last time Votto swung 3-0? Seriously?

  45. rightsaidred

    Man does Harvey ever come after Jay compared to Joey. I thought Joey was a pitch around – he should have pitched around him.

  46. Hank Aarons Teammate

    Looks like Votto swung once on 3-0 before that AB, this year.

  47. MentalGuy

    Pitchers will eventually learn just to go ahead and throw that fourth ball to Votto. I hope it takes them awhile.

    • Hank Aarons Teammate

      @MentalGuy: Ummm, I’m pretty sure that lesson was learned a long time ago. One week ago Marty was criticizing Votto for walking too much.

  48. Hank Aarons Teammate

    Votto or Choo, Choo or Votto. Man, that’s a tough choice for me.

  49. Shchi Cossack

    JoeyMVP’s 1st AB was a solid hit, but Wright just made an equally impressive defensive play. The cream rises…

  50. Hank Aarons Teammate

    Don’t underestimate the importance of Mesoraco not going fishing and getting that walk there. It turned over the lineup for the top of the 3rd.

  51. CI3J

    Choo is now hitting under .300. (.299)

    That doesn’t seem possible, does it?

  52. rightsaidred

    Nice job again by Latos to leave RISP. I would love to see Harvey through 25 pitches this inning . . .

  53. Mwv

    Just now able to tune in, can anyone tell me how the two pitchers have looked so far?

    • Kyle Farmer

      @Mwv: Only have gamecast here but Harvey seems to be as advertised (but so is Joey Votto). Latos was down a bit in velocity early but is doing a great job pitching around trouble.

  54. Kyle Farmer

    Harvey is already above 50 pitches. Sure would be nice to turn this into a bull pen match up.

  55. rightsaidred

    97-98 to start and 94-95 at 50 pitches. Maybe Harvey’s gas tank is a little small?

  56. Matt WI

    Boy, Mets fans must be really disappointed for Ike Davis.

    • dc937

      @Matt WI: More like disappointed *at* him. He got an earful from the fans, especially in game one of the series. I have to imagine he gets a trip to AAA if he can’t turn it around by the end of the month.

  57. Bill Lack

    Love this from GAmeday on Mat : That was pitch number 45 for Mat Latos; his effectiveness may start slipping, as he holds opposing hitters to a .175 average in the first 45 pitches but they hit .227 off him after that

    • RedForever

      Love this from GAmeday on Mat : That was pitch number 45 for Mat Latos; his effectiveness may start slipping, as he holds opposing hitters to a .175 average in the first 45 pitches but they hit .227 off him after that

      I saw that and started laughing. One of my coworkers came in and asked me what was so funny.

  58. LWBlogger

    Yes, Mets’ fans are all over the guy. It’s kinda sad.

  59. LWBlogger

    @Bill Lack – Yeah, Gameday’s ‘scout’ is worthless but will make you chuckle sometimes.

    • Matt WI

      @LWBlogger: The other day it talked about whoever was pitching for the Phillies “may want to after Mesoraco (stats) rather than have to face Choo (better stats)”…. except Choo was 3 batters away at the time.

  60. al

    Geez Cozart. Have a game why don’t you?

  61. Mwv

    Wow, Cozart is having a great day against Harvey.

  62. Matt WI

    Much respect for Vottomatic with the IBB here. Get after it Phillips!

  63. CP

    Rick Ankiel and Zack Cozart are 5-5 with 4 doubles…


  64. LWBlogger

    Now we need BP to hit a 2-run triple!

  65. LWBlogger

    90-mph sliders from Harvey… I was mostly a catcher but pitched some. My fasted recorded fastball? Yeah 88.

  66. Sergeant2

    Harvey at 86 pitches with that walk of BP.

  67. RedForever

    Who is this guy batting 2nd and playing SS? I don’t think I’ve seen him this year!

  68. al

    Interesting AB right here. Bruce has the lefty-righty advantage and has been really hot of late. However, Harvey has totally dominated him in his first two ABs. But maybe Bruce has gone to school a little…

  69. Sergeant2

    Both Cowboy and Marty said Harvey balked, but it wasn’t called.

  70. RedForever

    Looks like Bruce’s hot streak is coming to a screeching halt.

  71. LWBlogger

    Awww, Jay could have broken it open there… Oh well, guess we’ll just have to hear more about how he can’t hit w/RISP.

  72. rightsaidred

    Oh Jay.

    For as hot as he has been that is two bases loaded opportunities he has missed in the past week or so.

  73. Kyle Farmer

    I’d love to have heard what Marty said to end that inning!

    • RedForever

      I’d love to have heard what Marty said to end that inning!

      Nothing except, “The Reds leave the bases loaded.”

    • Matt WI

      @Kyle Farmer: He didn’t get too cranky, just mentioned during the at-bat he’d been playing well as of late “but not today.”

  74. CI3J

    Next inning should be Harvey’s last. Let’s see that Met bullpen.

  75. RedForever

    Bah, how do you give up a double to Tejada? We’re not talking about Miguel Tejada.

  76. LWBlogger

    On a separate topic, a lot has been made of the Reds’ inability to bring home runners from 3B w/ less than 2 outs. I’d have to do some studying to find how the Reds compare to the rest of the league in those situations but a quick look at the splits on baseball-reference suggests that they may actually be doing pretty well at it.

    PA-114, RBI-71, AVG-.385, K-14, BB-18 (of which 8 were intentional)

  77. ToddAlmighty

    Jeeze… Cozart apparently owns Matt Harvey, and that IBB makes it look like he wants nothing to do with Votto either after a hit that without that great defensive play should have been a double and the 2-run HR.

  78. Mwv

    Baseball’s a funny game. Yesterday Mike Leake shuts out these guys and today they’ve scored 2 already off Latos.

  79. WedgieSanders

    That run scored because of a terrible 0-2 pitch to Harvey. You can’t make it that easy for a guy.

  80. rightsaidred

    Man, at least get push Harvey out this inning guys!

  81. Kyle Farmer

    @al: Wow. That kind of shocks me. Over the bases loaded out?

    • al

      @Kyle Farmer: No about the throw to homeplate on the sac fly. A good throw would have had a chance at getting the runner, but Bruce made the catch running to his right and had to make an awkward throw with his left arm.

      • CI3J


        Latos is frustrated, he should have a lot more wins than his record shows, but the bulpen has blown more than a few games he should have gotten credit for as wins.

        That said, nothing good can come from taking it out on your teammates.

    • rightsaidred

      @Kyle Farmer: Latos is well . . . a bit a bully. He needs to stop surrendering lead off doubles.

  82. Kyle Farmer

    Okay, now the Gamecast scout is just ticking me off.

  83. rightsaidred

    Harvey is pumping the zone because he knows it’s his last inning. Paul and Hannahan couldn’t do anything despite that fact.

  84. al

    Phillips had to play mediator between Bruce and Latos. Totally bush league stuff from Latos.

    • Matt WI

      @al: I thought when Volquez left the pitcher blaming anything on hitters was over. Sad.

      • CP

        @Matt WI: I think stuff that happens in the dugout/clubhouse are different than venting to the media. Stuff happens, players get in little arguments here and there. Most of the time, we fans just don’t see it.

      • al

        @CP: Of course, I’m sure it does happen. I just think in this case it was pretty uncalled for, and it shouldn’t be done in front of all the cameras.

        For his part, it didn’t look like Bruce gave an inch, so good for him.

  85. Kyle Farmer

    And Devin turns the lineup over yet again!

      • rightsaidred

        @Matt WI: Mes walked early and the following inning was the 2 run bomb by Joey. Let’s see if it helps against the Met’s bullpen next inning.

      • Matt WI

        @rightsaidred: My bad… I wasn’t listening closely and my gamecast had Mesoraco as having grounded out in the 6th for some reason… that’s why I didn’t understand the lineup turnover comment.

  86. LWBlogger

    Mets in those situations w/ a man on 3B and less than 2 outs:

    PA-69, RBI-49, AVG-.429, K-11, BB-8 (2 of which IBB)

  87. rightsaidred

    Latos has given up 4 doubles this game. That is probably a season high.

  88. CI3J

    Latos reminds me a little of a toned down Carlos Zambrano. Wears his emotions on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to go after even his own teammates.

    • LWBlogger

      @CI3J: That’s good and bad. BTW, I hated players like that. My standard response was “Why don’t you shutup and just pick me up like I’d do for you?”

  89. al

    Amazingly, all 5 of the Mets’ hits have been doubles. That might be the issue that Latos wants to think about if he’s upset about the score.

  90. prjeter

    Whens’ the last time you saw a pitcher give up 5 extra base hits through 6 and still seem to be pitching effectively? Pretty strange!

  91. ToddAlmighty

    They’re really putting him out there again with 100 pitches to start the inning? Horrible.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @ToddAlmighty: You can’t do that to a 24-year-old pitcher who’s only on his 19th major league start. After all, pitchers in AAA generally have like a 80 pitch limit, don’t they?

    • Mwv

      @Mwv: Also, sheesh. Votto also isn’t impressed by Mr. Harvey.

  92. Matt WI

    I dare them to leave Harvey in against Votto.

  93. LWBlogger

    I’m guessing he’s capped around 115 pitches. That hit by Cozart may be it for him.

  94. LWBlogger

    The fact that Harvey faced Votto tells you how little confidence Terry Collins has in his bullpen.

  95. ToddAlmighty

    Jeeze, is there ANY better hitter on this planet than Joey Votto?

  96. LWBlogger

    The fact that Harvey faced Votto and is in against BP tells you how little confidence Terry Collins has in his bullpen.

  97. Matt WI

    Harvey getting the Dusty treatment here. Gotta give him a chance for the win or something.

  98. rightsaidred

    I can’t believe he is still out there.

  99. rightsaidred

    MLB Scout is a complete fail.

  100. Matt WI

    “Scout” did it again… “may prefer to after Phillips than Choo” Uh, ok.

  101. Bill Lack

    The “scout” on gameday thinks Choo follows Phillips, I think this is Harvey’s last batter, unless he gets a dp.

  102. ToddAlmighty

    This is why you don’t put a 24 year old pitcher on only his 19th major league start back into the game when he’s at 100 pitches. Now he’s at 115 with 1 out and 2 on.

    Note: Gameday just told me that Harvey might want to go after Phillips rather than Choo.

  103. ToddAlmighty

    There you go Phillips! Gameday: In play, run(s)… that’s what I like to see.

  104. Matt WI

    And BP delivers! They rode the Harvey train as hard as they could. Great performance against a great pitcher, no matter how this game ends up.

  105. Shchi Cossack

    That was a mistake bringing Harvey back out for the 7th inning with the top of the order coming up. He was done after 6 and 90 pitches.

  106. rightsaidred

    Jay will get a reprieve from Harvey. Facing anyone else, even a loogy, is a good thing at this point.

  107. Matt WI

    Somewhere, there’s a Mets blog going crazy over Terry Collins and his choices. Nice to know we’re not alone out there sometimes. 🙂

  108. Mwv

    Bruce gets it done to the right side of the infield. We’ll take it.

  109. Matt WI

    I’d like to see some Marshall/Chapman combo to ride this out.

    • Matt WI

      @Matt WI: Assuming Latos can handle the back end of the order in the 7th…

  110. Sergeant2

    If the umps would have called the balk on Harvey when the bases were loaded it would be 5-2 Reds.

  111. Mwv

    Last inning for Latos? Been some hard hit balls off him.

  112. Sergeant2

    Earlier this season Harvey had a 121 pitch game. The Mets are definitely playing with fire by allowing Harvey to throw that many pitches.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @Sergeant2: That’s going to be a huge shame if they ruin a young pitcher like that. They’re 9 under .500, so there’s no reason to ruin an arm off a losing season. Play for the future with him, it’s not like he’s old or about to hit FA.

  113. GRF

    Hopefully they have the pen ready. No sense pushing this, and Latos has done his job.

  114. GRF

    If you are going to invest all that money in Marshall, Broxton and Chapman, this is where you need to be using them.

  115. LWBlogger

    Nice little DP ball would be good.

  116. Mwv

    That’s more like it, Latos running hard to cover first.

  117. rightsaidred

    Wouldn’t Marshall against Murphy and maybe Ankiel be wise?

  118. al

    And now Hoover is up. This is not a recording.

    • rightsaidred

      @Bill Lack: Marshall should have been ready for the pinch hitter – 3 consecutive lefties. Ugh.

      • GRF

        @rightsaidred: Ws thinking the same thing. If you are going to use Marshall as a loogy, use him as looogy. There was not going to be a higher leverage situation than that before the 9th.

  119. ToddAlmighty

    Alright, here is where you pull him. 99 pitches, just take him out, put in LeCure for an out, then put in Marshall for the 8th and Chapman for the 9th.

  120. al

    I’m getting real tired of Baker using our worst reliever as a primary setup man.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @al: Hoover is the worst? He’s 4th by my account. Chapman/Marshall, LeCure, Hoover, Broxton, Simon, Ondrusek.

      • al

        @ToddAlmighty: you should look at the numbers again then.

        He’s got the worst walk rate, the worst HR rate, the worst groundball rate. He’s gotten lucky on balls in play. You could argue that Broxton is worse, but I’ll take his track record. Simon and Ondrusek have pitched better than Hoover.

      • al

        @ToddAlmighty: Hoover also has the worst WAR (-.4). Only Broxton has a worse xFIP than Hoover’s 4.43. He should be a mop up guy only.

  121. Matt WI

    Cowboy and Marty as bewildered as we are as to why the bullpen phone rang only just now.

  122. al

    Alright, now the Met’s announcers are talking about how they’re surprised Latos is out there.

    • Matt WI

      @al: It’s as if Dusty felt compelled to return the favor of leaving Harvey in too long. Fail.

  123. Mwv

    I just do not understand why Dusty leaves guys in like this so often. He was getting hit hard last inning (and even some before that) so why not just go to the pen with a 2 run lead? So frustrating.

    • LWBlogger

      @Mwv: Especially since Dusty doesn’t like to give a starting pitcher who has had a decent game a chance to lose that game. Ankiel is the go-ahead run so I was shocked he was still in there and shocked that Marshall wasn’t up as soon as Buck singled. That way he would have been ready for Murphy and Ankiel. Especially Ankiel who has hit Latos hard all day.

    • rightsaidred

      @Bill Lack: I guess someone forgot to wake him after the 7th inning stretch siesta

  124. al

    Unbelievable. This is why I always say that the Reds win despite Baker, not because of.

    It’s hard to fire a guy for a 97 win season. But what if it was a 102 win team?

  125. ToddAlmighty

    Amazing, every single person on this site knew someone needed to be up and Latos needed to be out once he gave up that 3rd run. So why didn’t Dusty Baker know? Ridiculous.

  126. rightsaidred

    Dusty watched Harvey run out of gas and must have decided that the Reds should return the favor.

  127. Matt WI

    Good heavens. Does New York City have some kind of fancy dijon toothpicks that had Dusty distracted? Bench coaches? Price? Anyone awake over there?

  128. AnnapolisHoosier

    Just when you think Dusty might be turning the corner on getting guys out when they should come out he fails again. Latos has not had his good stuff all game. He should have never started the inning.

  129. Sergeant2

    Our players manager strikes again, wouldn’t want to disrespect or hurt Latos feelings by taking him out of the game when he doesn’t want to come out.

    • rightsaidred

      @Sergeant2: He cost his pitcher a win – not much of a player’s manager today.

  130. steveschoen

    I was initially thinking I would have left Latos out there against that hitter, to try to finish the game. But, then, when I heard it was Ankiel, with how he’s been raking today, no way. Baker should have had someone getting ready in the pen just in case. It was obvious that Latos wasn’t going to finish the game, so no need to have to rush someone in. Have a righty and lefty ready to go. Ankiel was coming up? With how he was raking, bring in the lefty.

    (granted, I am trying to consider this as Ankiel never did hit that triple)

    • RiverCity Redleg

      @steveschoen: Finish the game? It was the 7th inning and he already had 100 pitches thrown. I’ve got no problem with letting him start the inning, but leaving him in like that is insane.

  131. Bill Lack

    I can understand letting him start the inning…but to leave him out there at about 100 pitches to give away a 2 run lead on 4 hits? That is indefensible.

  132. jas_428

    Where was Choo on Ankiel triple? was he moving toward play at all?

  133. ToddAlmighty

    Dusty regularly costs this team probably a solid 10 wins a season between his ignoring of OBP/giving horrible old players playing time/putting the worst batter 2nd/horrible pitching decisions.


  134. RiverCity Redleg

    I thought for sure the coaching visit before Ankiel was going to yield a new pitcher. But, alas, it did not.

  135. desertred

    Did you know Dusty’s favorite band is Asleep at the Wheel?

  136. Matt WI

    Speculation on the radio that something is wrong with Marshall that he wasn’t up and available.

    • ToddAlmighty

      @Matt WI: Sounds about right, it’s not a proper Reds team if they don’t have someone who is hurt but not on the DL.

  137. RiverCity Redleg

    Per usual, one batter too late. Way to go Dusty.

  138. Bill Lack

    the other problem, as I see it, is that Baker has absolutely no confidence in Marshall..none. That might explain leaving Latos in vs 2 LHs.

    • Mwv

      @Bill Lack: Might just be me but it seems there are guys he just does not like to use or doesn’t trust or something on the team. Marshall and Mez are both on that list.

  139. rightsaidred

    The Reds scored at least one very avoidable run and the Mets scored two. Dusty will not be beaten in a game of fatiguing pitchers!

  140. Matt WI

    Well, pick ’em up here boys. How ’bout another dinger by Mes?

  141. HOF-13

    It’s a shame but sometimes Dusty makes it hard to watch the Reds.

  142. LWBlogger

    @Bill Lack – It sure doesn’t seem like Baker has confidence in Marshall. Probably goes back to Marhsall being a bad starting pitcher while Baker was a manager there. I don’t get it at all. As soon as Buck singled, Marshall should have been up for the possibility of facing Murphy and Ankiel.

    • Bill Lack

      @Bill Lack – It sure doesn’t seem like Baker has confidence in Marshall. Probably goes back to Marhsall being a bad starting pitcher while Baker was a manager there. I don’t get it at all. As soon as Buck singled, Marshall should have been up for the possibility of facing Murphy and Ankiel.

      Yep…why couldn’t he see that?

  143. steveschoen

    I believe anyone else but Ankiel today, I would have left Latos in to try to finish the 7th. But, with how Ankiel was hitting Latos today, I’d have to take Latos out. Better too early than too late to make a change.

  144. AnnapolisHoosier

    By the way, Brantley is the worst on play-by-play. You have no idea what is going on. He calls a ground out to the pitcher and a triple off the wall that exact same way.

  145. LWBlogger

    Brandon Lyon looked pretty good there.

  146. LWBlogger

    Wow, Simon and NOT Marshall or Broxton? I really, really am lost here.

  147. Mwv

    Sensational play by Bruce there. Also, why am I looking at Simon right now? Is Marshall hurt?

  148. rightsaidred

    Is Dusty betting and not to win?

  149. RedZeppelin

    Either Marshall is hurt or Dusty is already planning for extra innings.

  150. RiverCity Redleg

    I’m perplexed by the double switch that moves the pitcher’s spot up to 6th.

  151. Sergeant2

    I think Dusty would look magnificent in Dodger blue.

  152. RiverCity Redleg

    How do you walk a guy hitting .147? Twice.

  153. RedZeppelin

    Marty calling out Dusty re: the bullpen. Nice.

  154. Matt WI

    Marty is pissed at Baker! He told him that the bullpen was ready in the pregame and is now we have the mess we see now.

  155. Mwv

    So who comes in after this walk that is looking very likely?

  156. prjeter

    Any time you can walk a guy batting .147, you gotta do it.

  157. LWBlogger

    Even if Marshall is hurt, why Simon and not Broxton?

  158. Bill Lack

    Simon’s getting squeezed now, that second pitch was well in the strike zone.

  159. rightsaidred

    With Dusty at the wheel, this game took a sharp turn into a pile of stink in the bottom of the seventh . . .

  160. LWBlogger

    And right now he can’t find the strikezone with a GPS, map, compass, and sherpa.

  161. Mwv

    WHAT????? Come on. This umpire is awful.

  162. AnnapolisHoosier

    Marty said in the pregame show that Dusty said they have a rested bullpen and everybody is available and he’s managing like nothing he said was true.

  163. rightsaidred

    John Buck does was Dusty can’t and gets the Reds out of an inning!

  164. Matt WI

    Note to self. Next Christmas, buy Dusty Baker an “Easy” button from Staples.

    • Lost and Found

      Note to self. Next Christmas, buy Dusty Baker an “Easy” button from Staples.

      Quote of the day for sure. Maybe quote of the year!

  165. RedForever

    Marty and Cowboy are beside themselves over the fact that Dusty said the bullpen was rested and ready yet Marshall and Broxton are not in the game.

  166. Jason1972

    We should bring back the Dusty Wins meter. I know it’s hard to measure but I bet the guy flat costs us 10 wins per year.

  167. Mwv

    I would be so mad if I were a Met fan right now, that was ball four. Of course I would have called the second pitch a strike but still.. horrible umpiring.

  168. CincyGuy

    DOUBLE PLAY. Wow, you gotta love baseball sometimes

  169. ToddAlmighty

    So.. ignoring the fact that he chose Simon, who has no business being in a tied game in the 8th inning… why is he hitting 6th now? Latos being left in, nobody warmed up, bringing in Simon, double switching so Simon hits 6th, walking a guy hitting .147.

    My mind is exploding from being packed with things I simply don’t understand.

  170. LWBlogger

    Ok Reds… Let’s take this game off NY’s weak pen and head back to Cincy.

  171. rightsaidred

    A run against Parnell is a tall order . . .

  172. Phill

    This might be a dumb question but what is the origin of 3-0 Leo? Welsh says it often and I get the meaning but I don’t get who or what the leo is. I don’t think I’ve ever heard another broadcaster use it.

  173. Sergeant2

    30,415 showed up for today’s titanic struggle, 30,415.

  174. Matt WI

    Nice!!! Choo stepping up big with a leadoff double.

  175. Mwv


  176. rightsaidred

    lead off double and Choo gets back to .300 with style!

  177. renbutler

    Finally somebody got on base ahead of Cozart!

    Although now they’ll probably walk him to get to Votto….

    no, not serious

    • Matt WI

      Finally somebody got on base ahead of Cozart!

      Good one!

  178. Mwv

    Great um.. bunt. Just like Dusty planned it!

  179. Jared

    Since when does Dusty not bunt with a guy on and Votto on deck?

  180. rightsaidred

    3rd and 1 out! Does Votto get pitched around for the chance at the DP?

  181. ToddAlmighty

    Int Walk? That’s surprising. You mean they don’t want to pitch to Joey Votto?

  182. Matt WI

    So given the craziness of the bullpen so far… can we expect to see Izturis in for the save if BP gets the run across?

    • ToddAlmighty

      @Matt WI: Dusty probably smuggled Manny Parra into the stadium without anyone knowing. Had him put on a paper Aroldis Chapman mask.

    • rightsaidred

      @Mwv: and 40 rib eye steaks for BP – coincidence, I think not!

  183. Matt WI

    Uh oh… Ike Davis might have just written his own ticket to the minors… who’s got tv? Fair or foul?

    • RedForever

      Uh oh… Ike Davis might have just written his own ticket to the minors… who’s got tv? Fair or foul?

      He’d be gone after that screw up. Not to the minors but DFA.

    • pinson343

      @Matt WI: Even if foul, Davis HAS to make that play. You can’t play umpire.

  184. Mwv

    Look at that vicious RBI scoring hit smash down the line! Sometimes baseball is a crazy crazy game.

  185. Sergeant2

    Lady luck is smiling down on the Reds today for sure.

  186. ToddAlmighty

    So… Todd Frazier or Ryan Hanigan? Who comes in for the pinch hit?

  187. Mwv

    Super Todd! Breaking the game wide open! Good thing the wiley Dusty saved him for that spot in the game.

    • rightsaidred

      Super Todd! Breaking the game wide open! Good thing the wiley Dusty saved him for that spot in the game.

      Yup and he gets Simon the win to boost his confidence, which was also in his master plan.

  188. Matt WI

    Friends of Dusty: Please circle May 22nd, 2013 as exhibit A of a team picking its manager up in the face of a debacle.

  189. HOF-13

    The outcome of this game will depend on who makes a stupid mistake last.

  190. RedForever

    Ike Davis obviously has other issue besides a .140 BA. I could see the Mets either releasing him or trading him away.

  191. Sergeant2

    Lets see how many sliders Chapman throws.

  192. Mwv

    Also, why do they keep saying the two starters pitched well? They both gave up 4 runs (all earned) in 6 innings.

  193. rightsaidred

    All Chapman needs to do is throw strikes . . .

  194. al

    chapman spotted a 3 run lead, you’d think he’d throw more strikes.

  195. Matt WI

    Ouch. W. Peralta went 1.2 IP, gave up six runs, four earned for the Brewers in a whooping of a loss to the Dodgers.

  196. pinson343

    Brantley: “The slider to Turner had him out inf front.” That’s what you want to see. But Chapman is not sharp today.

  197. LWBlogger

    According to Gamecast 3 sliders out of 13 pitches so far. Not too, too dreadful… Now 4/14

  198. rightsaidred

    Murphy and Ankiel have carried the Mets offense all day – I know Ankiel is weak against lefties but seriously?

  199. ToddAlmighty

    Why would anyone ever swing today? The strike zone is so small, I would let the umpire give me four balls and take a base.

  200. rightsaidred

    Ball game – the Queen City sweeps the team from Queens.

  201. Matt WI

    What a bizarre, bizarre game. I hope there’s info on the bullpen situation soon to get included in the recap.

  202. pinson343

    Did not to see Wright as the potential tying run. 2-0 count had me nervous. But I’ll take the game ending K and the SWEEP !!!

  203. al

    What a road trip. Granted, these were teams that you expect the Reds to beat, but think about how close they were to sweeping away the whole thing. First game of the Phils series they come back to tie against Lee, and the last game it took 2HRs off Chapman.

  204. renbutler

    The Reds are 18-2 when Xavier Paul starts.

    As the kids these days say:

    “I’m just sayin…”

  205. LWBlogger

    My game MVP is Phillips with a nod to Cozart as well for his 4/5, 2-run day.

  206. HOF-13

    Chapman does his job …he keeps Dusty from having to make another in game decision.

  207. Matt WI

    Well, great to get a win against a Matt Harvey start. Fantastic road trip. And the reward? Baby Bear Stew at home!

  208. Sergeant2

    Talk about a roller coaster of emotions of a game, Dustyball in all its glory. But hey the Reds swept the Mets, so all’s well, that ends well, right? Now lets do the same to the lovable losers, the Cubbies. Go Reds !! Adios Amigos.

  209. pinson343

    LWBlogger: “It sure doesn’t seem like Baker has confidence in Marshall. Probably goes back to Marhsall being a bad starting pitcher while Baker was a manager there. I don’t get it at all. As soon as Buck singled, Marshall should have been up for the possibility of facing Murphy and Ankiel.”

    Absolutely about getting Marshall up after Buck’s single. An obvious move. And having Latos pitch to Ankiel ? Unbelievable. I didn’t see the inning, did Marshall ever get up to warm up ?

    I too have had the thought about Dusty having something against Marshall from the Cubs days.

  210. al

    The Reds are now tied with STL for the highest run differential in baseball.

    They’re 3rd in MLB in runs scored, 2 behind COL and DET.

    Tied for 7th in runs allowed.

    It would be good to see them beat a few good teams, but the Reds are playing great on both sides of the ball.