Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

Milwaukee 7
Cincinnati 13

W*: Latos (4-0)
L: H. Burgos (1-1)

–Let’s start with Jay Bruce. He put on a show tonight with a homer and two doubles. You know with Bruce it’s always just a matter of time.

–Seven of the Reds starters reached base at least twice tonight, including Mat Latos.

–J.J. Hoover is a good pitcher. He was good again tonight.

–Mat Latos had a bad night tonight.

–Reds win the series against Milwaukee and move to 5 over .500 for the first time this season. The Cardinals also won, so no ground was gained, but I do feel like the Reds are picking up steam lately. They certainly have a relatively easy rest of the month. I’ll be interested to see how they come out of it.

–I was mostly listening to the game today (yard work called as it finally stopped raining), but it seemed to me that there were a couple of almost double plays that would have made the night much easier for the Reds. It really highlighted for me how much of a difference the infield defense typically makes for the Reds. Frazier is the weakest of the four, and he can still pick it at times. Pitching lines get helped a lot by them. A lot.

–We here at the Nation have been known to take issue with Dusty Baker’s choices. Thus, it is probably only fair to say that I agree with pretty much every decision he made in this game. Not that he had a lot of tough decisions, but Dusty and me, we can agree about today. Baby steps.

–Some people continue to insist that there is something wrong with Joey Votto. The man is hitting .367/.486/.533 in May. If loving Joey Votto is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

–Latos really wasn’t good today, but it seems only fair that he get picked up by the offense has he’s had his share of bad luck this season.

*Wins are stupid.


Source: FanGraphs