Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 2
St. Louis 4

W: L. Lynn (5-0)
L: H. Bailey (1-3)
S: E. Mujica (6)

–Votto, Bruce, and Phillips all reached base twice.

–Apparently, Homer Bailey should just not pitch to the Cardinals.

–The Reds scored 5 runs this series. Five. 5. Phive.

–The Reds have now gotten through their hardest stretch of the year. During the rest of May, they face the Cubs, Pirates, Brewers, Phillies, Indians, Marlins, and Braves. While some of those teams have played well, only the Braves should really leave you with any fear in your heart.

–A lot of people are cranky about baseball right now. It reminds me of last year. It was pretty dumb then and it’s pretty dumb now. I wish everyone would just have fun.

–Day off tomorrow. Cubs on Friday. That should cure what ails you.


Source: FanGraphs