Joel Luckhaupt’s new book,“100 Things Reds Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die”, is a must read for every Reds fan.

From the current Reds fan to whom the Big Red Machine is ancient history, to older fans who remember Reds in the 50’s and 60’s, from the stat-heads, to people that want to learn what they should add to their Reds library…this is the book for you.

The book is broken down into 100 easily read sections, none more than a couple of pages. It’s a quick and very entertaining read.

It contains something for everyone. If your memory barely extends back to the Big Red Machine, you’ll discover players you may have never heard of, like Eppa Rixey and Noodles Hahn. If you remember the Reds of the 50s and 60s, you’ll remember Fred Hutchinson and the Ragamuffin Reds, re-live how great Vada Pinson was and Jim Maloney. You can learn more about the Big Red Machine and the 90 “Wire to Wire” Reds.

If you’re into Reds history, you get Harry and George Wright, The 1940 World Championship team, Edd Roush, Cy Seymour, among many others. Or for more recent Reds history, you’ll learn about Ernie “The Schnozz” Lombardi, Frank Robinson, the 1956 home run Reds, Big Klu, and more. Then you move into the ‘70’s with the Big Red Machine through the Nasty Boys and right up to 2012.

It’s not done in chronological order. It covers individual careers, different eras, specific “special” days, teams, and events both on and off the field.

It is a thoroughly enjoyable read from beginning to end.

There’s even a mention on page 145.

It’s well worth the list price of $14.95 and something that you can read again and again, as you’ll always manage to pick up a new tidbit of Reds information.

You might even use some of the information contained in the book to win a cold beverage from your local “Cliff Clavin” down at your favorite sports bar.

Joel Luckhaupt will be appearing soon on Redleg Nation Radio. He’ll be talking about the book and all other things Reds-related. Watch for his interview.

The book is available both online (Amazon & Barnes/Noble, etc) and at the Reds Hall of Fame & Museum.