Tony Cingrani is scheduled to make his first major league start later this afternoon. A surf around the interwebs uncovered no shortage of good articles on the Reds hottest prospect:

— Doug Gray of provides a detailed scouting report on Cingrani, including how he has looked so far this season in Louisville. If you only read one of the articles linked to in this thread, this is the link you should click.

— John Sickels wrote this profile on Cingrani when Tony was promoted last September

— also posted a couple of articles about Cingrani last September, which I summarized here.

— Mark Sheldon of with news of the announcement yesterday.

Reds manager Dusty Baker is hoping that the rotation doesn’t miss a beat with Cingrani taking over for Cueto.

“That’s what the depth of the organization is about,” Baker said. “We’re here to win ballgames and not see who the next rising star is, even though it’s exciting. We want him to fit in like we hope he does.”

— C. Trent Rosecrans with the Cincinnati Enquirer story.

“Obviously his fastball is very, very good. It’s not a (Aroldis) Chapman fastball, but because he has deception, it gets on guys and looks a lot harder than it is,” Louisville pitching coach Ted Power said last week. “He’s very, very competitive. If you watch him out there, he’s huffing and puffing and gritting his teeth — not because he’s tired, but because he’s fired up. He seems to be able to focus even when he’s like that. Sometimes you worry about guys like that, you worry about them getting out of their game.”

— JD Sussman of questions whether Cingrani is being rushed.

— Robert J. Baumann of Fangraphs realized that Cingrani is Venn-Dominant