Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle….

Cincinnati 15
W: H. Bailey (1-0)
L: D. Haren (0-1)

–15 Runs on 19 hits including 6 home runs. That is a good night at the ol’ ballpark. 11 players had at least on hit.

–Homer Bailey picked up right where he left off last year. 6 IP, 3 BB, 6 K, 0 runs. That is a good day at the office. Over his last 25 IP (incl NLCS): 1run, 7 H, 32 K, 5 W (h/t Chris Garber)

–Zack Cozart had two of the aforementioned homers. That would have been the best offensive night except…

–Todd Frazier was 4 for 5 today with two home runs.

–Joey Votto was among those who got right today. 3 hits in his first three at bats. We knew it was going to come, but still great to see.

–Jay Bruce also had a pair of doubles, one of which was nearly his first home run. Easily his best game of the year.

–Manny Parra went two innings and gathered a hit for himself. J.J. Hover pitched the final frame in fine fashion.The bullpen is now rested.

–The Reds have now clinched a .500 home stand. Everyone of us would have taken that against these two clubs. Still two games to go. Let’s get greedy.


–So, I guess we know which of these two teams is better, don’t we? Okay, maybe not, but the Reds have come out of the gate playing very well against a couple of really good teams.

–I can’t get over Shin-Soo Choo. His OBP right now is .500 and it’s not like they’ve been playing the Astros. So nice to have a leadoff hitter who can get on base.

–I was very glad to see Devin Mesoraco come into the game and get a hit in his first at bat of the season. We’re told Devin is starting tomorrow. I love Hanigan, but I hope Mesoraco starts to take the reins this year. His ceiling is so high.

–If he had pitched one more inning,Manny Parra would have gotten a save. In related news, saves are stupid.

–With each passing day, I find myself getting more excited about this team. I really do think they are an excellent group.



Source: FanGraphs