The other day, we sat down with Reds beat writer Mark Sheldon to discuss the upcoming season. (Listen to that conversation here.) Today, we have even more podcasty goodness for those of you excited for tomorrow’s Opening Day: Former Reds lefthander and current television broadcaster Chris Welsh joined our Bill Lack for a season preview podcast. Enjoy!

You can listen with the player at the bottom of this post or right-click here to download the mp3 file to listen at your leisure. For links to all previous episodes of Redleg Nation Radio, check out the podcast’s home page.

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Many thanks to Friend of the Nation — and huge Reds fan — Freekbass for the bumper music. The music is from this album; he’s a talented guy, and highly recommended.

7 Responses

  1. Bill Lack

    IMO, this is one of the best interviews that I’ve ever had on RN…Chris is very honest with us about the Chapman decision and other things. Give it a listen, Chris is always worth listening to.

  2. Chris Garber

    I only got through the first (Chapman) question this morning, but it’s great, great stuff. Well asked by Bill, and well answered by Welsh.

  3. B-town Fan

    Bill great interview. Do you have a link to the Article on Chapman’s mental makeup you referenced. There’s got to be more going on behind the scenes about the Chapman starter situation that what we can see on the field.

  4. BenL

    Thank Bill! Great interview. I love it when Chris visits the nation. Interesting takes on the Chapman situation, on Mes, on where Latos and Bailey stand, and on Bailey’s lion-shooting. I’m so psyched for the season… Can we watch some baseball yet??!?!?!

  5. zilla1126

    Maybe a lot of people on here do not watch the Reds live pregame show, this has been Chris Welch’s message between the linees all throughout spring training. I sent an email to Chad about this a couple weeks ago, that it was not an argument between old school and new school sabermetrics, but that simply Dusty Baker and other members of the team did not feel that emotionally that Chapman would be able to handle it. At least not a certainty that you would want on a presumed World Series team.

    if I have one criticism of this blog, it would be that sometimes they still seem to be stuck in the bad Reds years when did the development of prospects was often the only thing we had to look forward to.

    And that is why they were initially against the Rolen trade, and many of the other things that Jockerty has done. When Jockerty made the Rolen trade, it told me immediately that he thought the Reds could win in 2010.

    I think everyone when they’re trying to judge the moves the Reds make, you should always frame it with the understanding that they’re in a win now mode. Now, they’re not going to destroy their future in the meantime, but the emphasis is going to be on veterans and people with proven production.

    And that is why you did not see Hamilton with the club last year, and you might not see him this year. And the same for Devin, I don’t think it was so much that they were down on him as a prospect this year, but more that they knew that they had to have production from the backup catcher position no matter what. And that’s why they covered themselves my bringing in the veteran. I’m sure no one was happier than the Reds that Devin was able to win the backup catcher job.