SI put up this article, “20 Ways to Improve Baseball Right Now”, by Jay Jaffe…

Personally, there are some I agree with wholeheartedly, others I disagree with just as wholeheartedly…


– #1 Opening Day a National Holiday and returning the Opening game to Cincinnati : No brainer, right?
– #2 Revamp the TV blackout policy : With our team televising a vast, vast majority of their games…how much of an effect does this have?
– #5 Expand Instant Replay : Another one that seems like a no brainer to me.
– #6 Cull the umps : Nothing makes me crazier (and that’s a high bar, believe me) than umps who are aggressive towards players. Nobody pays to see the umps.
– #13 Penalize performance-enhancing drug use via stronger suspensions : First time caught, season long suspension. Second time caught, find a new line of work.
– #15 Reform the Hall of Fame voting : He talks about the character clause for getting in mostly, which I don’t completely agree with, but he also talks about who votes and on that one I’m all in.
– #16 Induct Marvin Miller and Curt Flood into the Hall of Fame, as well as Tim Raines : I think all three are HOFers, though I know some will disagree about The Rock.
– #17 Let Vin Scully call the World Series : No, we’re stuck with Tim McCarver. Ugh.
– #18 Enhance the stats on every scoreboard and broadcast : It’s getting better, but much too slowly.
– #19 Stop the war on advanced statistics : Not much different than #18, seems like a no brainer to me.
– #20 More tacos at ballparks, and better beer, too : I’m a beer wimp, but I love tacos and I’m sure some of my beer drinkin’ friends with less pedestrian tastes will agree with this one.

And the ones I completely disagree with:

– #4 Adopt the designated hitter in both leagues : I hate the DH with all the power that I can muster. Though I believe this is coming b/c teams are playing interleague play every day and not just a stretch and the NL teams can’t set their teams up for interleague play. I still hate it though.
– #7 Keep the World Baseball Classic spirit going by sending regular season baseball overseas : Good God, no. I hate the WBC enough, the last thing that MLB needs to learn from the NFL is sending regular season games overseas. It’s idiotic.
– #9 Expand to Montreal, and Puerto Rico as well: I do agree that 30 is a stupid number and 2 more teams should be added. And Puerto Rico might be an interesting idea, but not Montreal, they had their shot. I’d imagine there are cities in the US that would embrace a major league team and putting another team in markets like NY/NJ or Chi might lessen their economic superiority.
– #10 Sell the Mets : No way, I love it when teams from NY are getting kicked around. Sorry.
– #14 Suspend players for DUI and domestic abuse : I’d be afraid that suspensions would be handed out before the legal system ran its course or, like King Roger in the NFL, the penalties/incidents wouldn’t be handled in an even handed method. I’m not excusing players for being bad citizens, but am concerned that MLB would do this any better than the NFL does, which does it BADLY.

Give it a read and let us know which ones you love, abhor, and all those in between…