The Reds hope Bronso Arroyo's velocity is back. AP Photo/Paul Connors

Bronso Arroyo with the high leg kick. AP Photo/Paul Connors

Fangraphs posted a nice long Q&A today with the crafty veteran, Bronson Arroyo. There’s a lot of good stuff there, but one of my favorite responses shows why Ryan Hanigan is Arroyo’s personal catcher:

DH: How many signs does Ryan Hanigan use when you’re on the mound?

BA: This is what’s amazing. I probably throw as many variations of pitches as anybody in the game, yet most of my catchers — definitely Hanigan — only put down a one or a two. If he puts a one down to the outer half to a right-handed hitter, I will throw a cutter — a hard one or soft one — I will sink the ball, I’ll throw it straight, or I’ll throw a changeup. All four or five of those pitches he’ll handle without knowing what’s coming.

That makes it easier for us. They can’t pick up our signs if they’re on second base and we don’t have to fight through all these signs to show exactly what’s coming. He doesn’t need to know. He just needs to know if there will be a large variance — he needs to know if it’s going to be a breaking ball. If I throw a changeup, fastball, cutter or sink it, he can handle all the pitches in that realm. We only use two signs.