As Dave noted, the best line of this terrific FanGraphs piece on Joey Votto is the headline quote up there. But there’s much more:

There came a time after his debut where Votto decided his approach wasn’t working. As he puts it, “I chose not to make outs any more.” He leveled his swing, chose to hit the ball to all parts of the field, focused on contact, patience, and line drives, and became one of the best hitters in baseball. This might not all be prescriptive, since not everyone has the combination of contact ability and power that he does, but it certainly worked for him. And the numbers — maybe not the home runs or RBI — have agreed with him every step of the way.

Go read the entire thing. Eno Sarris has gotten inside Votto’s head, and what he found was that Votto knows exactly what he’s doing at the plate. The more I learn about Joey Votto, the more impressed I become.

And the more I learn, the happier I am that he’s a Cincinnati Red.