The season is nearly upon us, and I know everyone is getting excited for another fun season of Cincinnati Reds baseball. Right? Right?

Well, what better way to prepare for that season than by purchasing the one item every good Reds fan needs to have: a digital copy of the “Redleg Annual.” The Annual is a new publication this year, best described by fellow RN editor Jason Linden thusly: “a preseason guide to all things Red along with a bit of history thrown in for a bit of flavor. Redleg Nation makes a strong showing with contributions from me, Steve Mancuso, Chris Garber, and our Dear Leader, Chairman Chad Dotson. The whole project was put together by Joel Luckhaupt, formerly Slyde of Red Reporter.”

I promise you, it’ll be the best four dollars you ever spend. As a matter of fact, much of the feedback we’ve received has been astonishment that you can get all this quality content for only four bucks.

Plus, every time someone purchases and downloads the Redleg Annual, an angel gets his wings. Check it out. Please?