John Erardi (and our friend Joel Luckhaupt) give the Reds a “different idea” of how to “save Aroldis Chapman” this season.

A taste:

I see no reason why LeCure couldn’t be piggy-backed with Chapman early in the season to save Chapman’s innings and make it much more likely that Chapman will still be around in October to take his turn in the playoff rotation – if he’s earned it.

The other thing of real interest in today’s Enquirer is a column by Paul Daugherty on Ryan Hanigan:

Think you know Ryan Hanigan?

Hanigan majored in philosophy at Rollins College. That’s not a bad way to go, if you’re pondering a career dealing with neurotic major-league pitchers. I asked him who his favorite philosophers were. Just to make conversation.

Yogi Berra, maybe. Casey Stengel. Marty Brennaman.

“I like all the existentialists,” Hanigan said. “Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Sartre. That was my genre. I believe in it. The only way to understand knowledge in life is through experience. Experience gives you a different level of understanding.”

Sometimes, we don’t know nothin’.

That’s especially true when our subject is a catcher, the only player on the field whose head is helmeted in plastic and steel. Rumors of Ryan Hanigan’s intellect abounded. His dad is a retired FBI agent, who once tracked down a fugitive who’d been on the lam for more than a decade.