Paul Daugherty wrote a column yesterday entitled, “Most important Red you’ve never heard of”

Just an excerpt:

A few numbers we can understand:

The Reds are third in Baseball in the number of homegrown players on their 40-man roster. That contributes to efficiency in what is often an inefficient marketplace. Ask the Dodgers and Cubs about inefficiency.

The six teams that have won two division titles in the last three years had an average payroll of $143 million. The Reds average was $81 million. They were the third most efficient team in baseball during those years, in terms of dollars spent per win.

The Reds have drafted phenomenally well. They are the only team in the bigs in the last seven years to have every No. 1 draft pick make it to the majors. This isn’t luck or coincidence or because they have scouts named Nostradamus. It has something to do with Sam Grossman, and his database.

“I don’t think we have a system that’s above and beyond the rest,’’ Grossman says. “It just works very well for what we do.’’

What the Reds do very well, judging from the recent results, is find players who fit their small ballpark and their medium budget. They do it by combining Grossman’s data and Walt Jocketty’s scouting staff, most notably scouting director Chris Buckley. Instead of scouts and nerds battling it out over players, the numbers encourage discussion.

Take a look, tell us what you think. I’ll be honest, I’d never heard this guy’s name before yesterday. Wonder if he’d come on RN Radio?