With Spring Training games to get underway this afternoon, it’s a good time to check the pulse of the Nation. Most of you have already voted in our newest Spring Training poll in the left-hand sidebar. At the time of this writing, 569 votes have been cast. The poll is still open for anyone who would like to add their votes.

How many games will the Reds win this season?
— 355 voters (62%) expect 95+ wins in 2013
— 190 votes (33%) expect 90-94 wins
— Only 4% of the votes for 85-89 wins
— And just 3 votes (1%) for 80-84 wins

The Nation is very optimistic for the Reds 2013 season! No one (voting so far) picked less than 80 wins, and virtually everyone expects a winning season.

My personal expectation is for 95-99 wins, and I’m ready for the baseball season to begin. I already ordered my 2013 subscription to MLB At-bat this morning.

Enough of this winter weather. Let’s play ball!