Loyal members of Redleg Nation provided in-depth, comprehensive coverage of the three Reds caravans last month.

We’re hoping to extend that reporting to spring training in Arizona.

If any of you attend spring training games and want to file first-hand reports, just send them to me at steve@redlegnation.com and I’ll post them at the site. Your posts have to be by name and must follow the site’s commenting guidelines. But other than that, you can write what you want about your experience.

Report on the weather, the Reds, and/or the opponents. Anything. How did Shin-Soo Choo look in CF and at the plate? Was Billy Hamilton on the base paths visible by the naked eye? Was Super Todd super? In the later innings, how did the various candidates for the bench roster spots look? And all those pitchers?

The first game of the Reds’ spring training starts at 3:05 (Eastern) tomorrow and will be broadcast on WLW. The Reds are technically the away team against Cleveland, although the game will be played at Goodyear. Drew Stubbs will be starting in RF for the opposition (sad).

That means Marty will be calling JoeyMVP’s first home run of the season around 3:11 p.m. Be here for the first Game Thread of the 2013 season.