Have you bought the 2013 Redleg Annual yet? You should.

Yeah, that “Mancuso dude” is our buddy Steve, everyone’s favorite editor here at the Nation. Good luck talking him into joining Twitter, but you can engage him in Reds discussion right here, pretty much every day.

Steve’s article “Modern Moneyball” is certainly one of the highlights of the Redleg Annual, but there are other great pieces. I’d also recommend “Up From the Farm – How Rebuilding an Amateur Scouting System Built a Championship Roster” (by RN’s Chris Garber), or the 2013 Reds Projections (by RN’s Jason Linden). Heck, the worst article in the Annual is about Bronson Arroyo, but it’s possibly worth a read, too.

Seriously, go buy the Annual. It’s worth way more than $4. You’ll enjoy it, I promise. You trust me, right?