Now seems like a good time to remind everyone to go look at Redleg Nation‘s commenting guidelines.

Over the years, we’ve put a lot of time and energy into making the Nation a different type of destination on the interwebs. We require our editors to use their real names (no pseudonyms, though I really wanted to be known as RedzFan4LIFE!), and we’ve tried to provide a better quality of writing than you seen see at most blogs. You can be the judge of whether we’ve come close to accomplishing that goal.

A huge concern for us, from day one, was that we wanted to elevate the conversation in our comments section. Comments at most places on the internet are pointless, mean-spirited, and impossible to read. Here again, the Nation wants to be different. We want Reds fans to discuss, argue, disagree, and fight (within reason)…but we also want this to be a community where everyone feels like they can contribute. On that point, we’ve added a paragraph to the commenting guidelines:

Oh, and contribute. If you make pointlessly repetitive comments that add nothing to the discussion just to be contrary, you’re getting the hook. That stuff just makes people grouchy and we don’t want to be grouchy.

I encourage everyone to go read the guidelines; I bet many of you have never bothered. It should give you an idea of what is expected if you’d like to be a Loyal Citizen of the Nation. I want everyone to be able to contribute here, but I’m past the point of putting up with the nonsense you see on other sites. As also noted in the guidelines:

We encourage lively debate, and even arguing various points among ourselves. However, this is not a public street corner. While we are rabid free speech supporters here at RN, your natural right to self expression does not require us to publish your opinion and spend bandwith and resources doing so.

This is our ninth season covering Cincinnati Reds baseball here at Redleg Nation. We hope it will be the best yet, both on the field and here at RN. We look forward to sharing all the excitement with the best community of Reds fans anywhere: you guys.