Chad and I have started the discussion about having a “Redleg Nation” gathering again this summer…

This is basically an “open thread” on what team you’d like to see, how much you’d like to pay for tickets, how many tickets you would buy, etc.

My feeling is that a Saturday night is the best time for an event like this.

I looked at the schedule and saw these games as logical possibilities (though that’s not saying we couldn’t decide something different):

June 8th – St. Louis
August 3rd – St. Louis
August 10th – San Diego (Reds cap night to first 20,000 fans)
August 24th – Milwaukee

I would think if we wanted to do a Cardinal game, we’d have to move fairly quickly to get anything close to decent seats.

As for ticket prices, I’d go along with whatever we felt the consensus was…as long as it wasn’t those metal bleachers, I’m too old for that.

So, what do you think…?