Ben Wietmarschen is a finalist in the MLB Fan Cave Cave Dweller competition. He’s also a longtime reader of Redleg Nation, and he’s asking for your vote:

“I would like to humbly and hopefully request the OFFICIAL backing of Redleg Nation in my quest to be elected into the MLB Fan Cave for the 2013 season. I know there are a lot of rumors flying around that I’m NOT the best Fan to be voted into “The Cave”, so I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons why YOU should vote for ME:

1. I’m a big fat Reds fan (I guess I’m not “clinically fat”, I’m normal sized body-wise, but you get the idea);

2. If elected into the MLB Fan Cave along with a Cardinals fan I’ll be real nice to them, earn their trust, you know, like make ’em think we’re just mature fans enjoying the baseball together and then, when they least expect it: BAM! I’ll trip them in front of a pretty girl (or pretty boy, whatever is more embarrassing for them)!

3. I have a Reds shirt that I haven’t washed since my ex-girlfriend bought it for me three seasons ago. If I get into the Fan Cave I will continue to not wash it (Full Disclosure: I will not wash it either way. Unless I spill mustard on it);

4. If I get into “The Cave”, I will be one step closer to seeing the best idea I’ve ever had come to fruition: A once-yearly “No Hat Gameâ„¢” (Details here);

5. There is a bar in the cave with unlimited beer (I’m assuming) and I will have all of you over one day and we can eat chicken wings and get stinky drunk while watching the best damn team in baseball win a pennant and show America that Cincinnati Baseball is the best baseball in the world!

Hope that convinces you to vote for me and SPREAD the word (twitter, facebook, tumblr, shouting from rooftops, etc.) from now until Wednesday at Midnight.

Vote here.

Follow things I write about baseball and other things at my twitter: @benwietmarschen

And most of all: Go Reds!

Go to his page, check out his video, and vote for Ben. Unless you hate the Reds.