Here’s the report from last night’s Parkersburg, WV event on the Reds Northern Caravan Tour, filed by Redleg Nation member Mark Duncan. 

Marty announced all the players, announcers and other personnel. Then they conducted the Q&A although there wasn’t much of it and very hard to hear it because of some bad microphones. Most was personal stuff from the players, so not really much to report.

Then the autograph session came and that was all great and awesome. I had a little conversation with all of them.

Bob Miller was very nice and polite. Next was Chris Welsh and I asked him how he was doing, which seemed to surprise him. He said great and asked how I was.

Todd Benzinger loved my Reds’ jacket and said he had one when he was on the team. He saw my old Reds’ jersey and asked whose it was, it was a Joe Morgan jersey. Tucker Barnhart was nice and polite, very small conversation with him. Brandon Phillips was an awesome guy, just so fan friendly. I follow him on twitter and told him my twitter account. Marty was the last one and again very nice, small conversation with him as well.