A couple of weeks ago, Jason mentioned the FanGraphs Fan Projections. Well, now my favorite “upcoming season projections” have been released for your Cincinnati Reds: Dan Szymborski’s ZiPS projections.

No big surprises, but there are lots of interesting nuggets within the numbers over there. Votto, Bruce, and Choo are projected to have big offensive years. On the mound, Cueto, Latos, and Chapman look like a nice top three in the rotation, and Sean Marshall’s projection, if it comes to fruition, will lead to another year as the most underrated Red. Speaking of the bullpen, if Broxton can reach the projected numbers, I’ll be very happy indeed.

Unfortunately, all isn’t rosy. Ryan Ludwick’s projection is kinda ugly for a starting left fielder. Choo’s defense looks to be pretty bad in center field. Logan Ondrusek is probably going to be Logan Ondrusek. Again.

Anyway, go check them out for yourself. In the absence of actual baseball, this is all we are going to get for a while.