icon_512Apologies for the brief commercial interruption…but my brother — a big Reds fan living in China, of all places — has just released an app for iPhone. It’s called Tunage Music Match, and it’s aimed at, not surprisingly, music lovers. I think it’s pretty cool, so I thought I’d share it. I expect each of you with an iPhone to use this app at Great American Ballpark this season to check on each player’s AB walkup music, and see how many other fans like that tune.

More information below the fold. Now, back to the Reds.

Tunage Music Match

An innovative new platform for connecting music lovers available in the iTunes
App Store.

Hong Kong – December 21, 2012, Available today, the app Tunage Music Matchmakes it possible for music lovers to find people nearby who share their musical passions. The first app of its kind to unite location services and automatic iTunes library syncing, Tunage allows users to connect with individuals in their own cities, towns and
neighborhoods who own the exact same songs and albums they do.

Immediately after opening the app, Tunage maps a user’s iTunes library and displays a quick snapshot of people within 10 kilometers who share songs in their own libraries. Clicking a nearby user’s profile automatically reveals the number of “Tune Matches” you share, displays matched song, artist, and album titles, and lets you send a “Thumbs Up” push notification for individual songs. Receiving a “Thumbs Up” gives users the chance
to meet face-to-face, connect via Facebook, and create real-life relationships based on their shared musical passions.

“The problem with most location- and interest-based social apps is that they ask you to input your interests,” says Tunage Founder and Managing Director, Jordan Dotson. “I don’t want to type in what music I like. I’ve already purchased it. It’s there in iTunes; I’ve made that choice. Just show me who’s made the same choices, and show me who hangs out in the same places I do, so we can start hanging out together.”

Tunage is available for free in the iTunes app store and available worldwide. Other apps are under construction, each designed to expand the core function of Tunage and make it easier than ever to find people in your world who share your interests.

Please visit www.tunagemusicmatch.com for more information or simply download Tunage from the iTunes app store.

Tunage Music Match was developed by Hong Kong-based media development
company, Dotson & Associates, Limited.


If you would like further information on Tunage Music Match or Dotson & Associates,
Limited, or you would like to schedule an interview, please contact:

Email: contact@tunagemusicmatch.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tunagemusicmatch/

To download the app.