No word yet from Scott Rolen on whether he will retire, or whether he will return for another season. John Fay thinks he will retire, but that’s just speculation, since no one has actually heard from Rolen.

I wouldn’t mind having Rolen around as a bench guy — he’s better than the Miguel Cairos of the world, certainly — but I have little faith that he’d be a bench guy on a Dusty Baker team. My guess is that he’d be the primary starter at 3B, if healthy (and that’s a big “if”).

What do you think? Do we want Rolen to return?

UPDATE: Then there’s this:

The Dodgers have had internal discussions about whether to pursue third baseman Scott Rolen, according to a person familiar with the team’s thinking.

The team has not reached out to Rolen to gauge his interest, the person said. Rolen previously has preferred to play close to his Indiana home.

I don’t see any chance in the world that Scott Rolen will be a Dodger at this point in his career. It just makes no sense whatsoever. Stranger things have happened, I guess…