To ensure that American consumers never lack the latest in branded attire, MLB periodically develops a whole suite of new batting practice caps.  The whole collection was leaked to the incomparable Uni Watch today.  There’s some unfortunate stuff going on — the Braves have gone all in on the “Screamin’ Indian” logo, and grey appears to be the new teal — but in all, the hats are better than their predecessors.


I’m especially thankful that they don’t have the goofy touches from years past — like faux ear flaps and piping that runs from the bill to the crown.  That said, I’m not positive I love the inclusion of Mr. Redlegs on a cap.  He’s quite a detailed little chap, and doesn’t make a great transition to  2 1/4 inches.  They’d probably have been better served to just put his head on there.   I also agree with Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas that the black road version is unnecessary.

What do you think?  Is this something you’d buy?  Any favorites, other than the Reds?  I like the Astros, Blue Jays, and Mets.