Baseball’s winter meetings have come to an end and the Reds didn’t accomplish a single thing. John Fay asked Walt Jocketty for a word or two and this is part of what the Reds’s GM said:

“You come in with great anticipation and optimism on certain things,” Jocketty said. “Then they don’t work out. It’s disappointing. But I’m certainly not through try to improve the club.”

Fay added this:

The Reds don’t even have anything that is close on the trade front. “We’ve had some talks with clubs,” Jocketty said. “We’ll stay in touch. I don’t think anything is imminent.” No progress was made last night. “Very slow evening,” he said. The Reds offer to Ludwick remains on the table.

Well. Sigh.

Sure, it’s a buzz-kill to watch all the high-powered wheeling an dealing being reported and our team not be part of it. The only significant mention of the Reds the past few days has been in connection with trying to re-sign a player from last year. Adding to the disappointment was Dusty Baker’s press conference where he talked about the important qualities of a lead-off man at length and never mentioned getting on base. He’s also obviously still gunning to undo the groundwork laid by the GM to move Aroldis Chapman to the starting rotation.

But the Reds’ off-season moves should not be judged what what did or didn’t occur the in the winter meetings. Plenty of time remains for trades, free agent acquisitions and Dusty-proofing.

It’s not fair to judge the off-season on December 6. Last season’s significant acquisitions: Mat Latos (Dec. 17), Sean Marshall (Dec. 21), Ryan Madson (Jan.11) and Ryan Ludwick (Jan. 15) all took place after the winter meetings.

The proverb says patience is a virtue. Although there’s also one about a rolling stone and moss, too. That’s the frustrating thing about proverbs. And waiting.

But keep the faith that the Reds learned the painful lesson of 2011 – that an organization can’t be complacent following a successful season.