Over the last few off-seasons, we’ve gone through some key players on the Reds, and discussed how valuable they were. Let’s kick this year’s series off with, possibly, the most polarizing player on Cincinnati’s roster, Drew Stubbs.

When we did this two years ago, everyone was pretty optimistic about Stubbs. Two years later, the water is much murkier.

In 2011, Stubbs suffered through a second straight season in which his numbers dropped. Stubbs hit .213/.277/.333 (that’s a paltry 610 OPS) with 14 HR, 40 RBI, and an OPS+ of 61. Yes, you read that right: 61. That’s almost unimaginable for a 27 year-old who posted a 105 OPS+ in his age 25 season. Isn’t Stubbs supposed to be in his prime?

Yes, Stubbs’ defense is still great. In fact, I’d say his defense is underrated; he’s really good. Still, despite the great defense, when your WAR drops from 2.8 to 1.6 to -0.2 over three years when you’re supposed to be improving, you have problems. Serious problems.

This is really almost unfathomable. What’s the problem? Is it time to give up on Stubbs? Is Billy Hamilton really the answer?

So, let’s hear the Nation’s collective wisdom about Drew Stubbs. Is he overrated, underrated, or properly-rated? What is his future with the Mighty Redlegs?