From today’s Cincinnati Enquirer, here is Paul Daugherty:

By the time he left here, traded to Texas for some kid pitcher with attitude issues, Josh Hamilton somehow had gone from thrill-a-minute heartwarmer to entitled eggshell. The Reds dealt him for Edinson Volquez, a trade that is just a few floors and a fast elevator from Manhattan-for-beads and Robinson-for-Pappas.

How about we bring him back?

Crazy, you say. Outrageous, risky, irresponsible and entirely unReds-like.

Perhaps. Especially the risky part.

But not entirely out of the question. You want a centerfielder? There’s your centerfielder.

I generally don’t read Daugherty’s stuff (stuff like the shot at Griffey and Dunn makes me crazy because I’d bet he spent close to no time in the Reds clubhouse during the period in question)…but I did read this and thought it might provoke some discussion.

Realistic? Possible? IF possible, would it be a good idea? What are the issues? Do you think the Reds would even consider it? Should they?