In a story published this afternoon, St. Louis Cardinals beat writer, Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post Dispatch took an astonishing cheapshot at the Cincinnati Reds. In discussing the San Francisco Giants’ reaction to a questionable slide by Cardinals’ left fielder Matt Holiday that forced Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro to leave Game Two of the NLCS, Miklasz said this:

It would be easy for the Giants to take the Holliday mistake and turn it into a concocted, laughably transparent controversy. But they haven’t done that. Led by Scutaro himself, the Giants have avoided hysteria. They have declined to engage in the predictable victimization and martyrdom that we’d undoubtedly see from a team like the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds never hesitated to exploit even the smallest slight or offense (real or imagined) to whip up a manufactured storm.

Miklasz went on to say:

Had Holliday taken out Reds 2B Brandon Phillips the way he did Scutaro, I’m guessing the Reds would be depicting Holliday as a virtual criminal and a baseball terrorist. Reds manager Dusty Baker would have floated the idea of a conspiracy. He would be calling for a Holliday suspension. He may even have demanded a federal investigation. And the Reds would have found a way to blame Holliday’s tackle on Tony La Russa.

Miklasz needs a refresher course in recent history. No team has earned the reputation for being whiners and playing the ‘victim card’ more than his home team.

In recent years, the Cardinals have complained about the balls (twice), the mound and the smoke at GABP, the mound at Coors Field, the lighting on the scoreboard at Miller Park and towel waving at Dodger Stadium. They have even complained about the shadows in their own park.

They have accused the Brewers of stealing signs, the Reds of trying to hit Albert Pujols and Carlos Lee for screaming at himself.

(There are surely more examples. These took me about ten minutes to find with the Google search: St. Louis Cardinals whiners.)

Here’s what Giants manager Bruce Bochy said about Holliday’s slide (as reported in the Dispatch, I guess Miklasz doesn’t read other parts of his own newspaper):

“I really think they got away with an illegal slide there,” Bochy said. “(Holliday) really didn’t hit dirt until he was past the bag. Marco was behind the bag and got smoked. It’s a shame somebody got hurt because of this. That’s more of a roadblock.”


But the facts of the slide don’t really matter.

The point is the breathtaking hypocrisy of someone so closely associated with the Cardinals gratuitously pointing a finger at another club for being complainers.

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  1. Unsympathetic

    This is right from the Karl Rove playbook: Attack someone else by accusing them of possessing one of your weaknesses. He knows exactly what he’s doing, he should be called on it, and he should not get a free pass for doing it.