Well, so much for the sweep. As I write this (it’s 6:20 am), we still don’t know who will be starting for the Reds tonight. All we know for sure is it probably won’t be Johnny Cueto. Of course, the last time the Reds had to improvise, it turned out okay.

Let’s see if the Reds can close this thing out. Go Reds.

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  1. brasp01

    Pretty sure he has caught him a few times.

    Lets go Reds!!! Finish this thing off today…

    As we speak the Cards are up 5-0 on the Nats

    • hokieneer

      Pretty sure he has caught him a few times.

      Lets go Reds!!! Finish this thing off today…

      As we speak the Cards are up 5-0 on the Nats

      6-0. Getting a gift infield fly call and not having to face Strasburg, them are the breaks I guess.

  2. ToddAlmighty

    Not feeling confident about the pitcher who’s had a 5.27 ERA since the All-Star Break.

    • Mwv

      Not feeling confident about the pitcher who’s had a 5.27 ERA since the All-Star Break.

      Look at it this way. 5.27 sucks, but 4.50 is a quality start. I’d be happy with a quality start today. Leake is more than capable of getting us to a quality start and keeping us in this game for a shot at the win. Believe.

  3. RedForever

    Need to win today. If it goes to a game 5, Latos would pitch. That would put Latos in line for game 3 and game 7 in the NLCS. If the Reds win today, Latos would go game 1 and game 5.

    With a win:
    Game 1 – Latos
    Game 2 – Arroyo
    Game 3 – Bailey
    Game 4 – Leake
    Game 5 – Latos
    Game 6 – Arroyo
    Game 7 – Bailey

    With a loss:
    Game 1 – Arroyo
    Game 2 – Bailey
    Game 3 – Latos
    Game 4 – Leake
    Game 5 – Arroyo
    Game 6 – Bailey
    Game 7 – Latos

  4. Bocephys

    @RedForever: What Dusty should do is go to a three man rotation after this series. Mike Leake frightens me.

  5. Reds4life2012

    What channel is the game on? 4:07 start time too right?

  6. mthomas5810

    Breathe Mike Leake. Hang in there bud

  7. mthomas5810

    ok, that could have been worse. Our offense needs to bring it. NOW

  8. aktrainer

    There ya go, Mike! Just breathe and be calm! That was a big strike out for all of us…

  9. ArkansasRedsFan

    Alright first inning out of the way. Relax now Leake.

  10. CincyGuy

    Home run on to the first batter is a bit discouraging, but anyone expecting a pitcher’s duel just isn’t paying attention. We’ll put some runs on the board, don’t worry

  11. mthomas5810

    Our crowd needs to going crazy right now getting behind our hitters

  12. al

    votto still getting on base at a crazy pace. who is gonna step up for this offense?

  13. Scott

    why are the Reds wearing Red today but yesterday they wore white?

    “day” game

  14. RichmondRed

    Todd Frazier doesn’t even need to put the ball in play to score runs.
    Watch out, world.

  15. Bocephys

    I like this Barry Zito guy. Now we just need a dagger hit.

  16. Mwv

    Nice at bats there, especially by Todd. Navarro.. well, I guess that high pitch getting called put him behind and it made those breaking balls work.

  17. mthomas5810

    We have absolutely worn out the Giants starters in the 1st inning the last two games without having a lot to show for it

  18. Abel

    Not a bad inning considering Phillips and Cozart didn’t do anything. Still terrified with Leake in there though.

  19. ColoradoRedsFan

    Maybe Hanigan SHOULD have started…

  20. Mwv

    Leake looks awful. I didn’t want to say anything after the first inning but wow, he’s leaving everything up and over the plate.

  21. mthomas5810

    Zito is not throwing enough strikes. Leake is throwing too many. Wow, Leake looks so hittable right now

  22. Abel

    Remember that time when Cueto got hurt and we all instantly thought the series was over? And then by the end of the night it looked like we were completely wrong?

    Well now how do you feel about that moment?

  23. rfay00

    We lost Cueto from the NLCS for this!

    Man…not sure who to blame for this. Bad luck is all this is.

    • CincyGuy

      We lost Cueto from the NLCS for this!

      Man…not sure who to blame for this. Bad luck is all this is.

      Blame Leake. This is a huge opportunity for him. A lot of pressure, sure. But a great opportunity that he is doing his best to squander from the get go

  24. ToddAlmighty

    I’m pretty sure Cingrani could’ve done as well as this.

    This. A “sick Latos on three days rest” could have too.

  25. Sergeant2

    Good Evening Ladies and Germs. First things first WHERE’S HANIGAN!? Leake needs Hanigan behind HP to help him call the game. I like Navarro but with Hanny behind the plate I like our chances better. Do you think the Cards are going to sit Molina, heck no. Ain’t no pussyfooting around in a 5 game playoff. Oh well, C’mon Reds lets go!!

  26. Mwv

    Nice job Navarro! Gotta get some runs.

  27. CSharpAJ

    Maybe Leake can actually help his own cause with the bat right now.

  28. mthomas5810

    I think we are pressing too hard here at home. This is not the Reds offense we saw in San Francisco

  29. Mwv

    Zito getting squeezed some in this inning.

  30. Mwv

    That one hurts, chased a ball down there.

  31. AnnapolisHoosier

    You all know that I’m not a Mike Leake fan at all so this is not surprising to me. I would have started Lecure and gone from there.

  32. hokieneer

    Why is Leake still in there? What is the pen being saved for?

  33. jas_428

    I’m thinking 5 homers for Giants today.

  34. ArkansasRedsFan

    Atta boy Leake. 1-2-3. Let’s get some runs.

  35. CSharpAJ

    Come on Ludwick, Bruce, and Frazier.

  36. AnnapolisHoosier

    Hey, don’t worry.The Reds will surely be able to score more than 3 runs in a game at home!

    Oh, wait.


    This is why Dusty should not have pitched to Arias last night. They screwed around and lost last night and now they are in big trouble.

  37. indianajoe

    Anybody else think Dusty’s going all-in for tomorrow right now? As in, he’ll be pleasantly surprised if we can pull out Game 4, but he’s banking on trying to win Game 5? Thus, making sure Hanigan is fully rested tomorrow, giving Rolen a breather (which I love, because I think Super Todd offers more than Rolen at this point anyway, but you know that’s not how Dusty sees it), giving Latos the extra day’s rest … like we’re playing to be competitive today, but if that doesn’t work, the A-team is ready for tomorrow.

    • indianajoe

      Waiting for Matt Cain to be on the mound?Sounds like a good plan.

      I wasn’t suggesting it was a winning strategy … just wondering if it was the one Dusty was using.

      That said, I know Matt Cain’s a great pitcher. But based on the Reds’ numbers against him vs. the Giants’ numbers against Latos, I do like that matchup on paper. Of course, ask the folks in Atlanta what being the better team on paper gets you …

  38. Mwv

    Ludwacked! He was trying to do that all at bat. Nice!

  39. jas_428

    Reds doing an excellent job on pitch count.

  40. cliff

    A’s Ludwick resuscitates (sp?) the nations hope…

  41. CSharpAJ

    It’s amazing how we’ve been able chase their pitchers out of the games so early, yet the last 2 games we haven’t really had much to show for it. I do feel better about the game now that it’s back down to 1 run. I honestly think Mike is a little more settled, the bats just need to back him up.

  42. mthomas5810

    Zito had 76 pitches through 2 and 2/3. Wow

  43. rfay00

    The Reds should be able to feast on the bullpen, since they have had to pitch almost every game for 5+ innings.

  44. rfay00

    Think Lincecum will come out for a few?

  45. jas_428

    Sanchez has been hot over the past two weeks. Might be reason Dusty elected to pitch to cool-hitting Arias last yesterday?

  46. indianajoe

    Wait, are you of the mindset that Mike Leake should be taken out of this game right now?

    I was wondering the same thing. Leake seems to be settling down; 1, 2, 3 against the meat of the order last inning, and this inning the only blemish was a walk on what was a pretty solid at-bat by Sanchez.

  47. ArkansasRedsFan

    Leake helping himself out there.

  48. ArkansasRedsFan

    Wait, guys on with less than 2 outs? What do we do now?

  49. Scott

    Gotta have something here. Only going to get so many chance. Votto up with one out and two on.

  50. rfay00

    No Lincecum, is he warming up still?

  51. cliff

    Can someone who sees the reds on tv regularly inform me, just how fast is leake?

  52. ArkansasRedsFan

    Crap! Come on Ludwick, do it again.

  53. D Ray White

    No lower body messes up the entire swing process. Votto’s knee needs the off-season worse than Rolen’s back/shoulder/

  54. CSharpAJ

    I think Joey was trying too hard there. I think he feels like they are down 1 because of his error (which is true technically), but he should have just put the ball in play.

  55. ArkansasRedsFan

    8 left on. Not gonna cut it

  56. D Ray White

    Anyone in the Pen? Knowing Dusty, probably not yet.

  57. tgarretson82

    We have woken the sleeping Giant!

  58. Mwv

    Just too much faith in Leake by Dusty in this game. He settled down a little but too many rockets, too many balls up in the zone.

  59. ToddAlmighty

    Sure glad we gave up Cueto for 4 1/3rds of 4 run ball…

  60. Mwv

    No, what revitalized their offense was Leake.

  61. tgarretson82

    THIS GAME IS NOT LOOKING GOOD! Bochey seems to be a much more active manager than Dusty.

    • indianajoe

      THIS GAME IS NOT LOOKING GOOD!Bochey seems to be a much more active manager than Dusty.

      Of course he is. He’s managing to win Game 4. Dusty’s managing to win Game 5.

    • CSharpAJ

      THIS GAME IS NOT LOOKING GOOD!Bochey seems to be a much more active manager than Dusty.

      While I agree that Dusty should have been more proactive regarding Leake, Bochey’s “activeness” also turned a 4-0 game into a 9-0 game. We still have 4 innings.

  62. mthomas5810

    I don’t know what you want Dusty to do. He can’t get base hits with runners in scoring position. He can’t make quality pitches in tough spots. The only decision I have disagreed with is taking Hanigan out of the lineup today. Even if we win this game, its up to the players

  63. RedForever

    Looks like the Reds might become the first National League team to blow a 2-0 lead.

    Mike Leake was a total disaster.

  64. RedForever

    The one thing the Reds are missing is a true clutch hitter. There isn’t one on this team. Votto has been a complete no-show in the series.

  65. tgarretson82

    It simply looks like the Reds offense is trying to hit a HR every AB, whereas the Giants are trying to drive the ball.

    • CSharpAJ

      It simply looks like the Reds offense is trying to hit a HR every AB, whereas the Giants are trying to drive the ball.

      That’s what I was getting at when I commented on Votto. He should have just put the ball in play, but instead it looked like he was swinging for the river.

  66. RedForever

    Thank you Dusty Baker.You just don’t get postseason managing, do you?

    There is a reason Dusty baker has NEVER won a World Series.

    • vared

      Consider this: 2002 World Series – Russ Ortiz pitching a shutout in Game 6 would-be clincher and up5-0 in seventh, Angels win in seven games. 2003 NLCS – Cubs up in eighth inning of Game 6, Marins win in seven games. 2012 NLDS – Tie game in ninth inning of would-be clincher for the Reds – fill in the blank.

      Ouch. Thanks for that – I guess.

  67. vared

    Does anyone have ANY confidence in these guys scoring more than 1 or 2 off Cain tomorrow? Unreal. Beats losing to the Cards I guess. Sorry – in a glass-half-empty mood.

  68. mthomas5810

    I agree about the home run issue. I feel like the Reds are trying to put every pitch in the outfield seats instead of just trying to center pitches and drive them. Almost like they have changed their offensive approach because GABP

  69. RichmondRed

    I am so disheartened by this. I am going to drown my sorrows and I’ll just get text updates.

  70. mthomas5810

    I need to start drinking. Playoff baseball is too much for me

  71. tgarretson82

    Cairo really strikes fear into my heart.

  72. vared

    That’s where Leake is missed – had to settle for Cairo batting.

  73. AnnapolisHoosier

    Those two runs that Dusty let Leake give up loom really large now. Still can’t believe he left him in there.

  74. jas_428

    One of Cozart’s best ABs in long time.

  75. tgarretson82

    2 more innings to get back in this. Simply cant let them have another run. And could we please have more than one more pitcher up at a time. Its not like a bullpen is taxed and plus we cant use them in the next series if we arent in the next series.

  76. Abel

    If Marshall-Broxton-Chapman are as good as they can be… we can come up with three runs off of this bullpen can’t we?

    I knew we should have saved some of those game 2 runs. Used up way too many there.

  77. Abel

    Wait, Arredondo? We’re hosed.

    Why did we bring Simon again?

  78. RedForever

    Arrendon-don’t…Dusty is trying to just give it away.

  79. tgarretson82

    Dusty!!!! Arrendondo is getting killed! Thats why you should have two pitchers up and ready.

  80. jas_428

    Great, it’s almost as if the Reds have given up on this game. Get Arrendondo out.

  81. tgarretson82

    Game, set, match! Dusty needs to take a cue from Bochey. Have guys up and ready in big playoff games, just in case your pitcher is not pitching well. This is absurd.

  82. CSharpAJ

    Man, it’s hard to chip away when they just keep getting the runs back.

  83. Abel

    I’m so sick of Dusty Baker. If we lose this series it will hurt worse than 2010. Of course not having Cueto is the biggest factor but this game is all on Dusty.

    Arredondo is worthless.

  84. tgarretson82

    WAY TO GO DUSTY BAKER! Now can you see Arredondo is not pitching.

  85. vared

    If the goal is to win the World Series, Dusty can’t return next year. He’ll never get it done.

  86. George Culver

    This game has been so frustrating. I’m so mad about the way this game has been managed, I can’t stand to watch much more.

    Leake- in way too long after all could see how rusty he was.
    Arrendondo- puts it so far out of reach he should finish the game and release him immediately after.

  87. George Culver

    The walk of shame for Dusty.

  88. tgarretson82

    Finally Dusty dislodges the toothpick to take this guy out.

  89. jessecuster44

    Arredondo did not deserve to be on the major league roster this season, much less the postseason one. He’s terrible. I question this move by Dusty most of all.

  90. Love4Reds

    And he leaves Arredodo in there after the two double and 2 run homer … but then takes him out after a walk? Are you kidding me? This game is a total joke at this point.

  91. ToddAlmighty

    I feel like Dusty was playing this for Game 5 the entire time. Leake starting, Navarro catching, Cairo your first PH in the game, Arrendondo even sniffing the field…. that just tells me the Reds weren’t playing this one for the W, or for seriousness.

  92. AnnapolisHoosier

    Dusty is a players manager which is why he used his worst hitter and worst relief pitcher in key situations.

  93. Abel

    Let’s hope Latos gets over his flu in a hurry.

    I’m not normally one of the negative people on here but let’s face it folks: We’re toast. If we win tomorrow we’ll be swept by the Cardinals.

    Fire Dusty Baker.

  94. George Culver

    Why waste another pitcher after this game has been put out of reach? Might as well save all hands for tomorrow

  95. mthomas5810

    Wow…this thread has lost all perspective

    • vared

      Wow…this thread has lost all perspective

      Not sure I’m following you. Given the circumstances I would say the sentiment here is pretty spot on.

    • George Culver

      Wow…this thread has lost all perspective

      My perspective is that I’m pissed about the way this game has gone and been managed without any degree of urgency to win. How about you?

  96. tgarretson82

    @Larry1980: I disagree, the team is not playing for Game 5, Dusty Baker is.

  97. George Culver

    Giants are full of themselves now. After they were demoralized. If you can’t tell I’m really pissed right now.

  98. jessecuster44

    All the good Dusty did this season appears to be vaporizing in the last two games. Is he really that confident about the Reds’ chances in game 5?

  99. George Culver

    Well it’s gotten to Votto now. Looking at a fastball right down the middle. What the hell is going on?

  100. GoRedlegs

    Wow. Just wow. We needed two people to do a simply MEDIOCRE job for us today to win this game: Mike Leake and Dusty Baker. And, neither of them decided to do their jobs well. Leake was up in the zone all day, and I cannot think of a reason Arredondo should be on the flipping ROSTER right now, let alone pitching in Game 4 of the NLDS. Good news, though: Latos is pitching tomorrow. One of the only people on this team that I can really trust to have a good start here (Besides Votto, Phillips, Arroyo, and Ludwick. Maybe Bruce and Bailey,too–give me one more game to draw that conclusion) 👿

  101. Scott

    Those were three terrible ABs by the heart of the order. Looks like they have given up on today.

  102. gosport474

    I know everyone is bummed out right now but that shot by Sandoval just landed in my back yard. I’m going to throw it back.

  103. RedForever

    Well, it was a good season. not great, despite Dusty Baker. But Dusty has been thoroughly exposed as the bad manager that he is. I knew that a short series would expose him.

    Maybe next year can be better, if they fire Dusty Baker.

    I’ll see you guys on opening day.

    Enjoy the off-season.


  104. Mutaman

    What a bunch of whiners and crybabies we have around here. I suspect this team has a lot more courage than you bunch of dopes, and we’ll see it tomorrow.

  105. RedsFan19

    Isn’t it obvious? The Reds are losing on purpose in order to play more home games. They will come out and mash again tomorrow.

  106. CincyStyle

    Why didn’t Hanny start today and maybe Heisey over Stubbs?

  107. Scott

    Haha, yeah, some of these comments are pretty off the cliff.

    Assuming Latos is feeling well, I like our chances tomorrow.

  108. GoRedlegs

    @RedForever: Okay dude, I’m infuriated right now. But we can still win this series. I actually think we will–the guy who I think is pitcher #1b, Latos, is on the mound against a team he has had a ridiculous amount of success against. We will have our best relievers ready tomorrow. Ludwick is on fire, BP is still hitting decent, and Bruce doesn’t look bad. Also, Votto is Votto. Be negative about this game all you want, but don’t give up on this team. They haven’t lost the series yet.

    • GoRedlegs

      @Sam Jackson:

      I don’t see any situation where getting your ass kicked is good for you. And Dusty will be all “Settle down, guys. We’ve been here before. Everything will be all right” after the game when perhaps a Piniella or Sparky-esque “get your butts in gear or else,” rant would be more appropriate. I just see this team more as the type that is frustrated and swinging from their heels, then putting their heads down and stumping back to the dugout because they’re down on themselves.

      Hey, I never said tonight was good for us. I’m just trying to be positive and not completely throw away everything just because the manager is being more absent-minded than usual (imo). I’m looking forward to tomorrow, because, I actually believe in our team. Whether or not we get our asses handed to us in 1 game of five.

  109. Love4Reds

    Stubbs actually hit today. I’m not really down on him for his performance. I find the management of the pitching and choice of Cairo for PH was lousy as well.

    If the offense is desperately swinging for the fence today going into the game 2-1 up — what are we going to see tomorrow?

  110. CincyStyle

    Dusty should have treated this game like he did in game 1 when Cueto sat down. Use the best available pitchers to put together the game much like the Giants have today. Leake was not the answer and he would have been better as a pinch hitter than Cairo!

  111. CincyStyle

    Maybe Walt wanted more revenue and going to game 5

  112. SirRibShack

    @RedLegHerrm: He had already thrown 4 1/3 before this inning, he wasn’t going to pitch tomorrow anyway.

  113. RC

    It’s not so much the negativity… it’s not even the pronouncements of doom for tomorrow. It’s the armchair psychoanalysis that gives me gas the most. Feh.

  114. jessecuster44

    Pretty clear that Dusty is a good manager over a long season, but his short series record is suspect, to say the least. I DO NOT like sacrificing game 4 for tomorrow. Still I remember dusty leaving Bailey in vs St. Louis all the way back in July, and that paid huge dividends. Can Dusty finally win a huge postseason game? I still have faith.

  115. Kurt Frost

    I turned it. I’m guessing they didn’t come back an win?

  116. SirRibShack

    @RedLegHerrm: Why? They’re bullpen had been quite used the last three games why wouldn’t they want to give everyone a rest?

  117. AnnapolisHoosier

    Wow, what a bunch negativity.This team has bounced back from diversity all year every time you’d thought they’d collapse.I like our chances tomorrow with Latos on the hill against Cain.That is, if game 5 is necessary.

    Diversity? Really?

  118. Jetsons Dog

    @Sam Jackson: Dusty certainly doesn’t have to play that card. The next tough question he gets from the writers that cover the team will be the first. The only writer I’ve seen willing to question him at all is John Erardi. In all the years I’ve followed the Reds I’ve never seen a manager that the press fell all over themselves defending more than Dusty. Make no mistake, nothing that happens short of a world championship will be blamed on Dusty by Fay and Co.

    • AnnapolisHoosier

      @Sam Jackson: Dusty certainly doesn’t have to play that card. The next tough question he gets from the writers that cover the team will be the first. The only writer I’ve seen willing to question him at all is John Erardi. In all the years I’ve followed the Reds I’ve never seen a manager that the press fell all over themselves defending more than Dusty. Make no mistake, nothing that happens short of a world championship will be blamed on Dusty by Fay and Co.

      This +1

  119. AnnapolisHoosier

    Is Ondrusek on the PS roster?He should be pitching here and not Hoover.This is mop up time.

    Don’t you know that Dusty thinks Ondrusek is a lot better than anybody else does. He will be used in a crucial situation tomorrow and we will all have to close our eyes.

  120. SirRibShack

    @RedLegHerrm: Exactly. He was pitching in a two run then three run game. By the time it was 5 runs he had probably thrown too many pitches to pitch tomorrow. Why would you pull the guy that’s getting outs and not allowing runs to bring someone else in out of their gassed bullpen?

  121. RC

    Paint It Black for Votto? How long has this been going on?

    • Abel

      Paint It Black for Votto?How long has this been going on?

      All year, at least.

      • SirRibShack

        All year, at least.

        @Abel: Started using it last year I’m pretty sure.

  122. SirRibShack

    @RedLegHerrm: You’re missing the bigger point. They’re best relievers are spent, they HAVE to win tonight. Lincecum was effective why would you pull him for someone that could be less effective and piss the lead away? You have to win game 4 to play game 5…

  123. RC

    @Abel: Huh, I just never noticed. Depending on who’s announcing, I do watch muted a fair amount…

  124. ArkansasRedsFan

    Anyone want to fly me up from Chattanooga? The Reds are 6-0 when I’m in attendance