Easy-peasy just a day ago, up two and coming home to the waiting arms of the Queen City fan base.

Not so easy when you rose this morning, yeah?  But, do it anyway.  Give adversity the brush off like so much lint on your shoulder.  Forget that Scott Rolen has suddenly turned into Edward Scissorhands.  Forget that DatDude got a little too greedy last night.  Yeah, Dusty had Bruce Bochy in a spot tighter than Kardashian spandex and let him off the hook.  Let it go.  Get amnesia.  Hang in there.  Believe.

This isn’t 2010.  It feels different because it is.  The Reds didn’t play tight last night.  They just didn’t make a couple of plays they always make.  It’s a long season.  That’s what Baseball is.  162 + 4 if you’re counting and I know you are.  Today, Hanigan Navarro gets that wayward pitch.  Momentum is the next day’s starting pitcher.  That’s what Earl Weaver said.  So believe.  Because even with Johnny on the shelf, the Reds have some serious starting pitching now.  Homer made the jump to lightspeed last night.  Struck out some demons in the little league ballpark by the Ohio.  Latos rose to the occasion Saturday night and will do it again in Game If Necessary.

But, it won’t be necessary.  Because Mike Leake is one of the Five Guys who’ve made this season possible.  Bronson pitched a game for the ages Sunday.  Mike was on the bench the entire time.  Soaking it all in.  Feeling the vibe.  Can’t you feel it?  You want to fret.  I know.  You’re a Reds fan.  Me too.  Just believe anyway.

The Reds were never going to pitch Latos on short rest today. They’re too smart for that.  Pitching on short rest in the playoffs has been dicey.  Not worth the risk.

Finally, Todd gets the nod today.  Day game after a night game after all.  Jersey Boy has one more surprise for us this Fall, doesn’t he?  Oceans rise.  Empires fall.  But The Hammer of the Todd rules.  Believe already.

You know what Yoda said, “Do or do not.  There is no try.”

And remember:  these aren’t Carl Lindner’s or Old Leatherpants’ Reds.  These are Bob Castellini’s and Walt Jocketty’s Reds.

The players believe.  What are you waiting for?

8 Responses

  1. VottoManCrush

    I BELIEVE!! Let’s go Leake!! Channel your inner Bronson… 🙁

  2. VottoManCrush

    sad face was a mistake. I’m happy :D. And nervous. 😐 ??

  3. brasp01

    I’ll be honest… I didn’t want Leake to begin with, but now that he is pitching LETS GO!!!! BRING IT HOME!!!

    I BELIEVE!!!

  4. redsfanman

    I believe that the Reds hitters can really pound Barry Zito.

  5. cliff

    Count me among the believers. It’s been a helluva season, glad I’ve been on board here to share it with you all.

    • Richard Fitch

      Count me among the believers. It’s been a helluva season, glad I’ve been on board here to share it with you all.

      The feeling is mutual, Cliff. 🙂