I remember when Super Todd Frazier played for the Reds. (Sigh.) I wish he were starting today at 3B. I also wish Homer Bailey was pitching instead of Bronson Arroyo.

Nonetheless, go get ’em in Game Two!

5. Jay Bruce (L) RF

Giants line-up is the same as last night other than Madison Bumgarner for Matt Cain.

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  1. Mwv

    I agree with Seat, was really expecting Fracier/Rolen to platoon some in the playoffs to keep each other fresh. Both are solid off the bench as hitters and the defensive/offensive tradeoff isn’t bad in either direction. Was actually very surprised Todd never got into last night’s game.

  2. Mwv

    *Frazier. These late night games take a toll on my ability to type.

  3. cliff

    Can’t wait to see bronson pitch on tv for the first time(for me at leasr) this season.

  4. Eric the Red

    At the end of the day, Rolen is superior defensively. And after watching teams kick the ball all over the park in the first few playoff games, I’m happy to have Rolen’s steady hand in there.

  5. eastcoast redsfan

    @Eric the Red: When healthy, Rolen is superior defensively. After last night, I’m not convinced he is healthy. It seemed like his back was acting up last night too.

  6. Eric the Red

    One thing I haven’t seen any comments on: Navarro has been catching Latos lately. Good job by he and Hanigan working together once again on the fly. Also, I suspect Dusty meant for Navarro to catch Latos in the postseason, in which case they may really have been strangers to one another these days.

  7. AccuRater

    It’s stormy in Baltimore. The Yankee-Oriole game will either be postponed or start late. If it starts late, what of the Reds game? Will TBS pick it up after the earlier game ends? Or will they move it to TNT? Anybody know?

  8. RC

    They said earlier one game would go to TNT.

    And I, too, think it’s unfortunate that our RoY candidate can’t see the field.

  9. cincyreds14

    @Eric the Red: Eric the Red – must be a long time fan. As you are probably referring to, defense makes a big difference in the playoffs (and our defense and the Giants thereof made a big difference in that game last night). And I also agree that Rolen is far superior to Frazier at 3rd and could make the difference in the game tonight. And Steve, I have seen a number of your posts and even though your writing is superlative, your point of view often is not – sorry.

  10. redfanapf

    benefit of hindsight… Rolen did nice job today, and Arroyo had his best game as a Red. Sometimes things just go well. By the way, that’s second straight day a Red has had his career best day, Phillips then Arroyo. Good times!

  11. redsfanman

    If the Reds were playing Frazier, you’d say that was the right move.If they played Willie Greene at third tonight, you’d say that was the right move.

    I think there are pros and cons to either Rolen or Frazier and that they both match up pretty evenly – MAYBE Frazier will hit better but Rolen is expected to field better – I’m fine with whichever one Dusty and the Reds choose. It’d be another story if they chose Miguel Cairo.

    I usually like what Steve writes but not that note about Rolen/Frazier implying that his choice is right and Dusty’s is wrong.