Ed: Please welcome Chase Howell to the Redleg Nation family. Chase will be posting occasionally here over the next few months (and maybe more), and we’re glad to have him.

Dear Cincinnati,

I don’t want to cloud this moment with words, as today is a special day for the city.

It is a day to relax, a day to prepare. It is a day of anticipation as to what may come in the next few weeks, but also of gratification knowing that the Reds will forever be a part of the 2012 postseason.

Today, there are no games. No at-bats, no umps screaming balls and strikes, no beer vendors hollering up and down the rows. Not even a “Wooooo” breaks the silence. Just a peaceful quiet around Great American Ballpark. A tranquil, Fall Thursday.

Drink it in.

This is what baseball is supposed to be in Cincinnati.

This is October.

Welcome back, Reds.