Make of this what you will:

“We’ve been planning this for a while. It didn’t take a genius to see how we planned it,” Baker said on Tuesday. “What you see is what it is right now.”

Judging by the current rotation — it’s Johnny Cueto, Bronson Arroyo and Mat Latos for the first three games.

Would they use four starters?

If they decide to go with four starters, you have to imagine that Homer Bailey will be waiting in the wings to take that start.

So…what about the decision to start Arroyo in game two, rather than Latos? Bizarre, no? You all know that I’m an unabashed member of the Bronson Arroyo Fan Club, but I don’t see any legitimate reason to start Arroyo over Latos. If they only go with three starters, wouldn’t you rather have Cueto and Latos pitching two games each (if the series goes five)?

I imagine Dusty’s reasoning has something to do with “splitting up the hard throwers.” Perhaps it has something to do with Arroyo’s post-season experience (ignore the post-season ERA of 6.04, please). Heck, they probably have a bunch of other reasons too, reasons to which I’m not privy. On the surface, however, it seems awfully strange.

One can only hope that Dusty re-thinks the rotation for the NLCS (assuming the Reds get there). I want Cueto and Latos being the two hammers at the top of the rotation, getting two starts per series, if necessary. I don’t think that’s too outlandish a request. After all, Cueto and Latos are the two best starters on the team, right?