2012’s final titanic struggle recap of the regular season at GABP….

Milwaukee 1
Cincinnati 2

W: J. Broxton (3-1)
L: J. Axford (5-8)

–Mat Latos, Mat Latos, Mat Latos.  Good grief.  Is he stepping up at the right time of the year or what?  How does The Trade look now?

–Jersey Todd.  He’s been slumpy lately.  That was good to see on many levels.

–Dioner Navarro.  Where do the Reds find these catchers?  Does Johnny Bench, the Patron Saint of Catching, have anything to do with it?

–The Bullpen.  As always.  Sean Marshall.  Money.  Jonathan Broxton.  Money.  Pitching.  It’s been the story of this season.  How fitting the home portion of the regular season should end this way.  Pitching and Todd.

–The disappearing offense.  Lots of mitigating circumstances.  It’s September.  Guys are grinding out the end of a long summer.  The revolving door lineup as call-ups play and regulars rest doesn’t help.  Perhaps batteries are just recharging.

–Attendance.  23K.  55% of capacity.  I know.  It’s a day game.  School.  But really?  The last chance for many fans to see this special team in the flesh for 2012 and this is the best the fan base can do? 2,347,251 season attendance.  Second most in GABP’s history, behind the park’s inaugural season.  An average of 1600 more fans per game than the disappointing 2011 season.  300,000 more than 2010, when the Reds won the division.  Talk amongst yourselves.


–Reds just ended the Brew Crew’s season and probably just cemented St. Louis as the #2 WC.  Do you fear the Cardinals?

Today’s Titanic Comment:  BearcatNation -  at 3:12 pm:  How about a walk-off to end the home portion of the regular season?

Get well, Dusty.