Per Mark Sheldon:

While in Chicago on Wednesday, Reds manager Dusty Baker was admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, commonly referred to as an irregular heartbeat. As he was being discharged on Friday, he suffered a mini-stroke and immediately was treated by the hospital’s stroke team, which minimized the effects of the stroke.

Dusty returned to Cincinnati on Sunday, and his condition has improved dramatically. His Cincinnati neurologist, Dr. Joseph Broderick, and cardiologists, Dr. Dean Kereiakes and Dr. Daniel Beyerbach, expect Dusty to make a full recovery and return to the dugout, possibly as soon as the season’s final series next week in St. Louis.

There is more at the Sheldon piece, including a long quote from Dusty.

Here’s the NIH page on mini-strokes (transient ischemic attack). Take away: mini-strokes do not do lasting damage to the brain. The main risk is the onset of a full stroke. A new study found mini-strokes may have more lingering disability than previously thought.