Our friends at FOX Sports Ohio have informed us that they’ll be airing a very special episode of  “Reds Live,” covering the post-clinch celebration – a celebration that was pre-empted by other exciting programming.

“Reds Live – The Clinch,” a 30-minute commercial-free HD telecast will air back-to-back tonight at 8:00pm & 8:30pm, with replays later in the week.  There will also be an expanded hour-long Reds Live pregame show tomorrow, Sept. 25 at 6:00 pm.  The expansion will cover the Reds’ next steps in the playoffs and re-live Saturday’s events.

As far as make-goods go, this is pretty good.  The schedule specifics are below. Set your Tivos accordingly.

Reds Live: The Clinch

Monday           9/24 – 8pm & 8:30pm

Tuesday          9/25 – 10:30pm (following the Reds game)

Wednesday     9/26 – 10:30pm (following the Reds game)

Thursday         9/27 – 4pm (following the Reds game)

Thursday         9/27 – 7pm

Friday              9/28 – 10:30pm (following the Reds game)

Saturday          9/29 – 6pm