For those of you who did not get to watch yesterday’s broadcast, here is some of what was said about the Reds by FOX color commentator Tim McCarver and field reporter Ken Rosenthal.

McCarver:  One thing the Reds can do well—among many things—they can is catch the ball. Better than any team in the major leagues.  Particularly in the outfield. They have one of the best defensive outfields that I’ve ever seen.

They have 3 centerfielders they could play: Jay Bruce, Chris Heisey, Drew Stubbs.  How many teams can say that?

On the importance of winning as many games as possible the rest of the way:

Rosenthal:  There is real incentive for the Reds to overtake the Nationals for the best record in the NL.  If they do that, one: they avoid the SF Giants in the first round. Also, they would get the Wild Card winner and gain potential home field advantage for the NLCS.  And avoiding the Giants and playing the WC winner, well that’s key.  Because remember, the WC winner will burn its best pitcher in the WC game, that WC knockout.  They might even burn 2 of their best pitchers if there is a tiebreaker preceeding the WC game.  So yes, getting that best record in the NL is something the Reds will want to do.

McCarver:  Be careful what you wish for however.  Atlanta is playing about as well as anybody and their pitching with Chris Medlin in particular, they’re very deep in their starting pitchers. If they win the WC game against whomever they face, then they would be a very, very tough opponent.

After a Cozart at bat late:

McCarver:  The Cincinnati lineup—their players are perhaps the most athletic in the major leagues 1 thru 8—Phillips thru Cozart.

On what makes this team different from the one that was swept by the Phillies in 2010:

Rosenthal:  I asked Jay Bruce about the difference between this team and the 2010 team. And he said the comparison is not even close.  He said the 2010 team was a younger group, kinda played with its hair on fire, didn’t understand what it was doing.  This team, after going thru that, after underachieving in 2011, has a full understanding and is much better equipped to make a serious run in the post-season.

McCarver:  I think they are better in all facets of the game. Their bullpen is better. Their starters are better. They’re a faster club. They are a better defensive club this year. They are a very dangerous team to face in the playoffs.  No doubt.

Discussing Chapman’s velocity upon entering the ninth, which was 96 – 97 mph:

McCarver:  This is what they want out of Chapman.  And I’m sure that Bryan Price had talked to Aroldis. And told him 100 is not necessary.  He has not hit 100 yet. And that makes so much sense.