I love it. Absolutely love the Wooooo. It’s dumb fun, and I love seeing Reds fans having fun at the ballpark.

Who cares that they did it in Pittsburgh? It was an organic thing in Cincinnati on the night all the dogs came to the park. Now Reds fans are even doing it on the road (at Wrigley).

I give an open mic to the other editors here at RN to say what they’d like, but we have now had two anti-wooooo posts. I felt like I needed to stand up and say this: I could not disagree more. The wooooo is fantastic. Keep it up, Reds fans.

Fans should cheer for the Reds however they like (and that includes the people who don’t like the wooooo). As for me, I can’t wait to woooo for the Reds at GAB in the playoffs.

(Oh, and by the way, this is NOT the official editorial position of RN. Clearly, our editors disagree, as do many of you.)